It is key to note, that the number of countries that use wind energy is increasing, and many countries already using wind energy are growing their wind turbine stock on an annual basis.  Here is some updated information on countries that are outstanding in their use of wind power.

Wind Turbines
China.  China is now considered the largest user for installed wind power capacity. They have embraced the wind power whole heartedly and are doubling their use on an every two year basis, with windpower representing one fifth of the overall supplier of power to the country.

India.  With an expanding population and power outages as a common problem, the government of India has invested more in wind turbines as a possible alternative energy source. The government set a target of an additional 78.7 gw of power by the year 2012, with a majority supplied by wind turbines.

South Korea. This country entered the wind power arena as a late bloomer, but, the South Korean government is taking the topic at full strength. The introduction of the Renewable Portfolio Standard established the goal of adding 2.5 gw of power using wind found offshore by the year 2020.  There are also some heavy hitting manufacturers that are backing this decision such as Daewoo, Hyundai and Samsung.

The Phillipines.  The Phillipine government has recognized the return on investment in using wind power and has set a target for three times their current use. This will reflect approximately 40 per cent of electricity that will be generated using renewable energy sources. The goal is set to be accomplished by the year 2020.

Mexico.  This country continues to add to their natural wind resource through the use of wind turbines. Mexico has increased their use of wind power six-fold and it looks like this will continue to expand in the next number of years.

Argentina.  If there is one country that has jumped into the wind power game, it’s Argentina. It has been estimated that with the existing plans, they will be able to offer the supply to the Latin American electrical demand. It might be worthy to note that thus far, only a small amount of development has been accomplished to date.

Egypt.  The country of Egypt has set a lofty goal for accomplishing 20 per cent of the electric power needs through the use of renewable energy. This includes 12 percent from wind turbine energy

Morocco.  The coastline of Morocco is one of the best natural sites for wind power. The government of Morocco has focused on using wind turbines as a key component of their national alternative energy focus. Plans will include government sites as well as private industrial investors in the production of wind energy.

South Africa.  The country of South Africa has become the hotbed of investment over the last few years. While they have not been able to keep up with the electrical demand, they do have locations and plans that are being made for wind power generation. This will offer twenty per cent of the electrical power demand being accommodated with wind turbines.

Iran.  Many of the Middle Eastern countries are researching into wind power, however, Iran may be the only country that has actually followed through with larger scale wind turbine installations.  They also have plans to expand the actual capacity to a potential 40MW.
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While most of the countries using wind energy have up to now focused on wind generation on-land, some of these countries using wind power are now looking at establishing off-shore wind farms. The advantages of these are obvious, with land acquisition for wind farms difficult and expensive, and with wind blowing more regularly out in the sea.

Overall, wind energy holds great promise, and if the countries that use and develop wind energy stay committed to the cause, it could become a significant source of energy generation by the year 2050. In conjunction with other alternative means of energy production, there is still a chance that we can keep global warming in check, and significantly reduce the amount of pollutants that we emit into the atmosphere.

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