Google Earth is a program that has been providing us with a real-time image of different parts of the world for five years. Scientists have now come up with an additional function in Google Earth that shows how future climate change will affect the earth. Ed Parsons, a Google representative, said that this is a wonderful example of using the latest web technology in a beneficial way, to transform raw scientific information into a clear visual picture. This in turn will promote a better understanding of the impact of climate change and global warming on our lives.

Climate Change Catastrophe – Google Earth Predicts The Future
The new Google Earth climate change multi-platform map demonstrates exactly the ways in which the world would be influenced by an average 4°C (7°F) temperature rise, which is what is currently referred to as global warming. The Google Earth map outlines some of the changes that may take place due to this temperature increase. This is a simulation of plausible effects that are probable and are consistent with scientific research. The map demonstrates lower crop yields and increasing water levels around the world.
The Google Earth climate map will let users choose various details to see how the temperature rise will influence weather systems, sea levels, crop production, marine life, and many others, with even more details available for different danger zones. This map illustrates the dangerous projections for our climate in the future if we keep on emitting greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at the same rate as we do now, as opposed to taking effective steps to decrease these emissions.

Agriculture is projected to be one of the most complex sectors that climate change will affect. Agricultural yields are projected to fall for all the main cereal crops in primary production regions, as soon as the average global temperature rises by more than 3°C. Particularly in low latitudes, wheat and corn yields could decrease by as much as 40%. Soybean yield may be reduced in all production regions, including eastern and southern Asia, as well as North and South America. The Google Earth map also projects a possible reduction in the rice yield of approximately 30% in India, China, and Bangladesh.

Consequently, a 10-20% increase is projected for those at risk of hunger, which adds up to hundreds of millions of people. Most of these people live in south Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and Central America. The number of malnourished children is projected to reach 24 million by 2050.

Still, even though the average global temperature rise is projected to be about 4°C (7°F), the map illustrates that it will not be uniform throughout the globe. The land will be heated faster than the oceans and water bodies. High latitudes, especially the Arctic, are projected to have more significant temperature increases. The average temperature of land is projected to be as high as 5.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

So, can Google Earth help us prevent any of these gloomy projections from coming true? Let's hope that tools like these can help scientists and governments collaborate constructively to make sure that they do not.

To find our more about Google earth climate change, go to:

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