There are several pros and cons to wind energy. This brief article will attempt to sort out wind energy facts from fiction as we discuss wind energy advantages and disadvantages. Here are the following pros and cons of wind energy.

Pros And Cons Of Wind Energy

  1. Wind energy is 100% clean and healthy for the environment. Wind turbines that harness the wind and make it into usable power do not emit any sort of toxic chemicals or greenhouse gases that pollute the earth or atmosphere.

  2. Solar power can be used in remote areas where there is no power grid. Should an emergency occur to the power grid those who have individual solar power access will still be able to operate their homes.

  3. Wind energy is completely renewable as there will always be wind around to power the wind turbines. One of the most interesting wind energy facts is that a turbine only need steady winds of ten mph to create energy.


  1. If wind energy were to be on a massive societal scale it could take up too much potential land because of massive wind farms and power grids. This could cause conflict with farmers who need land to plant their crops.

  2. Wind farms are an eyesore in the eyes of some people. Opponents of wind turbines don't dispute there are wind energy advantages they just think they bring down property values because of the way they look

This brief list of pros and cons of wind energy has shown wind energy advantages and disadvantages by stating wind energy facts.

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    Roger Roster Says:

    Thanks for listing out the pros and cons of wind energy…This surely gives a better understanding of wind power. Although wind energy sector is slated for growth, only 2% of the wind energy is used for the conversion of power in the United States. Transformer company, Pacific Crest Transformers offers custom built energy-efficient transformers for wind energy farms.

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