This guided tour will take you to one of the SSTP plants, the sustainable power plant in Baytown, Texas. John Rivera is the inventor of the Rivera Process that is implemented in the SSTP renewable fuel power plants. I'm going to take you through and show you how the system works. It takes municipal garbage, municipal solid waste and turns it into good burnable fuel to generate electricity.



Lab is in the build-up stage at this time.





This is a supply for the feedstock. And you can use a variety of feedstocks, solid and municipal wastes.

The feedstock comes in at this point and goes through a series of valves to maintain the pressure or vacuum in the system. It's loaded at one valve opens and the other valve closes. Feedstock travels up this auger system, fuel-loading system to the main reactor, and enters through another gate system at this point.

municipal solid waste management The hot gasified feed exhausts from the end of the reactor and goes into a series of particle separators. And at this point much of the solid contamination is removed. The hot gas is then proceeded to be bubbled through a separator, condenser that condenses the hot gases back to about 400 degrees and extracts the heavy component of the oil. What we call Fat1 oil.

Also at the exhaust end of the reactor through a gate-valve system the char – remaining component of the feedstock and has been completely reduced to a carbon-based fertilizer. It is extracted at this point and taken to the outside storage area by the auger tube and the lower component.

Here is the number two reactor is being constructed. You can see the heat bands from one end to the other of it. And it is about 100%, very close – 95% of construction is completed at this point. And than the insulating sections will be installed over the top of this heat bands. As the feedstock moves down the reactor tube, it reaches the temperature of 700 degrees and then rises on to about 750 degrees as it proceeds down the tube.

And the last stage: in this tube the fuel is cooled back down to 650 degrees – at that point.
The gas is coming from the number 1 condenser. Comes out the 4–inch pipe through the valve above these tanks. And at that point it goes through the Number 2 condenser. The horizontal tube here, condenses the light oil.

Our Number 2 cut is stored in these tanks that are shown below and then transported by the 300-gallon bunkers at this time and during build-up phase of the plant. At a later date they will be pipe-lined into much larger tanks.

Ok, we are lighting up the fuel produced by the reactor. And you can see how much energy
is in it. How well it does burn. So there is a lot of useful energy there. That is really going good.
We've been able to run today the diesel engines – Caterpillar diesel on this fuel. Straight of the reactor. A mix of one-quarter heavy and three-quarter light. The Caterpillar engine fueled by the products of the reactor runs like a top! We have just recently started the production, so far 7000 gallons have already been sold and the plant is working every day.

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