As an alternative energy source, windmill energy is showing itself to be an excellent resource. How will windmill energy benefit the United States and the
world? Where is windmill energy being used?

Windmill Energy
Windmill energy has many benefits. The first and most obvious one is that windmill electricity generation does not create air or water pollution, so it does not make any contribution to global warming. It is also known to decrease the greenhouse effect. Windmill electricity is a source of renewable energy, so that means it can be used over and over again without depleting the resource, which is not the case with fossil fuel and gas. Windmill energy may be the world’s answer to rising prices of gas and petroleum.

A special benefit of windmill energy for the U.S. is that it decreases the country’s reliance on foreign imports of fossil fuels, which is a huge burden. On top of that, many new jobs can be created in areas that are located close to the turbines. Another advantage is that wind turbines do not take much space and their installation only takes a few months. The land under the turbines can still be used for agricultural purposes. Windmill energy is also something that is ample. Wind is free and it can be captured efficiently with modern technology. It is readily available around the world, so it eliminates dependence of any one nation on another. Windmill energy can be widely distributed and it has many advantages over traditional energy generation methods.

Another thing that is worth pointing out is that wind electricity generation is now a lot cheaper than it used to be. Windmill energy production costs have decreased by at least 80 percent since the eighties. This makes the market for windmill energy very competitive, not just in the environmental sense, but in the financial sense as well. It is possible that windmill energy will be the cheapest large scale way to produce energy in the future. Windmill energy is a more permanent kind as well. The wind will not cease to exist as long as we are here, so it is our job to take advantage of it. Theoretically, if we could capture all of the windmill energy available to us, we could have 10 times of the energy we actually use on a daily basis – and it would be readily available at all times.

Windmill electricity generation also plays a role in developing countries. There are many remote areas in the world, which are not connected to the main electricity grid. These areas can use the electricity generated by wind turbines to get a power supply of their own. There is a wide range of sizes that wind turbines are available in. This means that many businesses can use them to suit their own needs. Even whole villages and towns could make use of the turbines that are available.

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7 Responses to “Benefits of Windmill Energy – Updated Article With Extra Information On Windmill Electricity”

  1. 1
    mike Says:

    Here is my post again making more sense this time!

    Last year, The European Comminsion pledged €1.5 billion for wind projects. 9 offshore wind farms in the North Sea and Baltic Sea will share €562 million. This is really a great step forward for Europe and its bid to become more carbon neutral.

  2. 2
    mike Says:

    Last year, The European Comminsion pledged The 9 offshore wind farms in the North Sea and Baltic Sea will share €562 million from a reserve fund established by the EU in May for energy projects. “With this decision, the commission has laid the foundation for the development of two key sustainable technologies that will be essential in our fight against climate change,” adds Piebalgs.

  3. 3
    jason Says:

    Offshore is indeed the way forward. Onshore is expensive – procuring the land, and local resistance is typically high (hard to the landscape, concerns over bird flight paths etc).

  4. 4
    jim Says:

    Regarding the last comment – the idea in the long run with smart grids and windfarms, is to enable electric cars to be charged up at night. A lot of the offshore areas are windy at night, and without effective energy storage mediums this would be the perfect way to utilize this energy

  5. 5
    Glynis Bunton Says:

    Many thanks for delivering the perfect content on the net. I take pleasure in it!!

  6. 6
    Jerry Manciel Says:

    This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

  7. 7
    Jenny F. Says:

    The Europeans over a century ago had the right idea. Think about how many windmills were used to generate power to turn huge rock grist mills to grind flour. Windmill energy is a great source of energy that has a minimal effect on the environement.

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