As an SUV owner and an ecologist, I am stuck in the dichotomy of how to accommodate the need for the SUV with the environment.  I am probably one of the few people that use an SUV for its real purpose, which is a family car and a truck. Thankfully, the automotive manufacturers have been making great strides in hybrid SUVs.
In search of the best hybrid SUV, we have a choice of alternative fuel or electric. The answer for each of us will depend on how we will be using the vehicle. In my case, I need the dependability so that if I load 300 pounds of wood or sod in the back of the SUV, I will also know that it will make it home successfully. I also want to ensure that I am not contributing to the greenhouse effect with continual gas emissions and that the vehicle will get good mileage.
The initial hybrid SUVs that were made, were closer to what we call ‘mini-SUVs’. While they offered phenomenal mileage and vastly reduced emissions, they would never stand up to the rigors of the true SUV user. Each year, the automotive manufacturers are producing better choices for SUV owners for alternative fuel and electric power options. Every one of the manufacturers has stepped up to the plate on this topic, from the least costly to the most luxurious. Whatever list one would produce would be immediately outdated the next year.  The topic of hybrid SUVs has become a fiercely competitive situation and this means that we will continue to have better choices.

Electric SUVs have their downside in that they do offer alternatives to standard fossil fuels, the electricity need to generate them are often still made with those same fossil fuels. There is also the consideration of limited travel time.  In other words, the battery power runs out. The upside to the electric hybrid is that you can offset by using standard fuel. Is this really the answer?  Not unless the hybrid can use biodiesel and there is an increased quantity of biodiesel fuel stations.
Currently, the downside to hybrid SUVs is the cost. The luxury models have the obviously highest price tag, but even those models aren’t including the kind of higher technology that one would find in a standard mid-sized fossil fuel car.  It seems that all of the investment remains in the engine and we still have some waiting for the hybrid SUV to offer everything that we are looking for at a more reasonable cost.
Toyota, Ford and Lexus are three of the automotive manufacturers that seem to remain on the top of the list for the best hybrid SUV production. Every year they produce better products with more that is included in the package price. The production of better overall hybrid vehicles may be what has actually pulled Ford out of the economic slump and turned them back into a profit making company.  These three companies have demonstrated their willingness for flexibility and adaptability in changing times. It won’t, however, be long before all of the other manufacturers follow suit.
When making the choice for a hybrid SUV, examine every aspect of how you will be using the vehicle, including duration of driving and weight capacity with distance. Do your homework online and narrow your choices down to the top three candidates. You will then be prepared when you walk into the dealer to talk.

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