With the rise in popularity of hybrid electric cars and alternative fuel vehicles, the hybrid truck is the next evolution in alternative fuel vehicles. America loves its trucks and only a few years ago it seemed to be the rarity that to see a hybrid vehicle on the road. Everyone was driving around in their big SUVs and it was almost a rite of passage to own a vehicle that had single digit gas mileage. However, hybrid trucks are entering the field and there seems to be no ending to getting everything we want.
The hybrid truck has hit the market and drivers can pull their boats, haul their stuff, drive on rough terrain AND get good gas mileage. The hybrid truck will never be like other alternative fuel vehicles with the ability to rack up 50 miles per gallon, but hybrid truck drivers can currently enjoy getting over 20+ miles per gallon.

Hybrid Truck
Automotive manufacturers began by adding the ‘mini-SUV’ to the market to see how they would be received. SUV owners were glad to trade-in the gas hogs, even putting up with the smaller size and ability in their demand to save money. The problem with these initial version was that there was a down side: most were fairly plain and didn’t include all the luxury technology that we have all come to expect.
Carmakers are now exploring smaller hybrid trucks that have modest towing capabilities and smaller beds. Toyota and Ford have led the way with some of these small hybrid trucks. While they won’t appeal to anyone that hauls large loads every day, they are incredibly attractive to those of us that hit Home Depot on our weekend warrior trips to repair and upgrade our hearth and home.
With the increased popularity of hybrid vehicles as a whole, these vehicles have taken on a demand life of their own. Automotive manufacturers are scampering to be competitive and have finally added many of the little extras that we love and technology that we can’t seem to live without.
The hybrid truck, one of many hybrid electric cars, is here to stay, and as green technology continues to improve, the hybrid truck, as well as other alternative fuel vehicles, will continue to improve.

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