Yes, you really can use dirty diapers to run your car in the future via something called the ‘pyrolosis process’. What happens is that the fibers, resins, and plastics contained in diapers are converted into a mixture of oil, gas, and char. The annual wasted diapers amount to some 180 million and from this, 11 million liters of diesel can be made! This is a great way to turn something extremely polluting into something extremely useful.

5 Alternative Car Fuels That You Never Would Have Imagined Possible
3. Plastic Cups.
It’s amazing that they’ve finally found something good about these horribly polluting, wasteful things. It turns out that the polystyrene in plastic cups (and plastic dishes in general) could make a good addition to fuel in diesel engines (of course, some minor modifications will be required). The good news is that it is a quick process to melt polystyrene into biodiesel, but it needs to be in just the right quantities. Otherwise, with concentration too high, the emissions could be toxic.

4. Poultry Waste.

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