Audi has shown that biodiesel can be just as powerful, efficient, and competitive as traditional diesel fuel. Shell and the Audi racing team may be tight lipped about the specific percentage of biodiesel that was used in their cars for the races, but it may not be long before we see racers use straight biodiesel with no fossil fuels involved. The Audi name is well-known in car racing, and so are their R10 diesel race cars. It was just a matter of time before this innovative company made the leap to biodiesel. Perhaps other racing teams and companies will realize the benefits that biofuels offer and make the switch as well and maybe someday soon we will see the first road race in the world where all of the cars and teams use biodiesel instead of more traditional fuels. The fact that Audi used biodiesel and won races may also encourage more consumers to buy diesel vehicles and choose to use biofuels instead of petroleum-based fuels. If even one out of every four consumers used biodiesel in their vehicles, think of the pollution that could be eliminated. Why not be one of those four and make the world a better place for generations in the future?

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