More steps that can be taken on a personal level that can have the greatest effect on an overall global warming process.

Global Warming Problem
1. Be sure to turn off appliances, lights, and other electric devices when you are not using them. Of course, it sounds like common sense, but most of us don’t do this. We leave the lights on even when we are not in the room. This one is all about a simple change of habits and being more conscientious around the house. So, if you want to help global warming, be tough with yourself and other family members who leave electric devices turned on.

2. Unplug electric devices and appliances when you are not using them. A lot of us are completely unaware that even when a device is turned off, the cords still continue to pull electric currents. This is even more so with cords that are equipped with large AC adapter units. This is an incredible waste of electricity, which creates more pollution, contributes to the global warming problem, and costs you more money.

3. Your vehicle should be electrically powered, or at least a hybrid. Traditional vehicles contribute immensely to the global warming problem, because of their greenhouse gas emissions. If you drive a plug-in electric car or a hybrid, it can significantly reduce these emissions. So, if you want to reduce global warming, it is time to consider a transportation change.

4. Keep and eye on the thermostat at home. To help global warming, try to turn the thermostat down at least 2 degrees in the winter. If you feel cold, dress warmer inside. Do the opposite in the summer with the AC.

5. Buy local produce. If you seriously want to reduce global warming, shop at your local farmer's markets, or see if they have locally grown products in your usual supermarket. The transportation required to import products to your area may be greatly contributing to the global warming problem.

6. Be idle-free in your vehicle. There is widespread myth that allowing your car to idle is better for it than turning the engine on and off for those brief stops. This is completely false. If your car is in an idle state for over 10 seconds, you spend the same amount of gas required to restart it. Therefore, if you are stopping for longer than 10 seconds, it is highly advised to turn your engine off if you want to help the global warming problem.

7. Use fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent ones. If you change the light bulbs in you home from those wasteful incandescent ones to compact fluorescent ones, you will use nearly 60 percent less energy every month. This can certainly add up significantly! Changing all of those bulbs not only helps you save tens of dollars every month (or more) on the electric bill, but you also decrease the demand of energy, which is partly responsible for creating the global warming problem. For the original article and further information on global warming, click here

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