1. Algae
Algae is one of the automotive alternative fuels which can result in zero fossil fuel use. Algae provides substantially more oil than any plants used currently to create biodiesel, and algae farms do not require food crops or fertile land. Algae also grows very rapidly, and can be harvested repeatedly without any harm to the environment or atmosphere.

2. Alternative Fuel Hydrogen
The alternative fuel hydrogen offers great promise as a source of fuel that is clean, and that includes zero fossil fuel. When hydrogen is used the only emissions released is a water vapor, and it is clean. In fact this water emission is so clean that it can be consumed, and has been by some.

Zero Fossil Fuel
3. Solar Power
Solar energy also requires zero fossil fuel contributions, and only the energy from the sun is used. This option does have drawbacks though, because the sun is not always shining and can not be counted on for reliability. When solar power is combined with other technologies that do not use fossil fuels though it can be a viable hybrid option.

4. Biogas From Managed Landfills
Biogas is another one of the automotive alternative fuels that can reduce or eliminate fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. Managed landfills trap the gas that occurs naturally when biomass decays, and this trapped gas can be used as a fuel source.

5. Electricity Generated Using Alternative Energy Sources
Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and these can be very environmentally friendly, but there is a drawback. How the electricity is generated does make a difference. If you charge your electric car using power generated at a coal burning power plant than it is not such a green option.

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