PROS and CONS: Biodiesel Facts

Oct 10

Biodiesel has become one of the hot topics for alternative fuels, and has also presented its own list of those in favor and against.  The biodiesel facts show that this fuel offers both advantages and disadvantages, although there are many of the former and few of the latter.
On the positive side, biodiesel formula is much more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. There are far fewer greenhouse gas emissions and much less pollution released with this alternative energy fuel. There is a 78 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.  The little that is released is later recycled back by growing plants and is referred to as a ‘closed carbon cycle’.  It is possible to make (DIY) biodiesel in a kitchen or basement, from plant oils like vegetable oil, corn oil, and many plant based items. Biodiesel also reduces the dependence on fossil fuels, like standard gas and diesel. These are fuels which cause pollution, are not renewable and will soon run out, and whose recovery severely damages and destroys the earth. All diesel vehicles can run on biodiesel, and one of the first engines built by Rudolf Diesel ran on pure peanut oil. Corporate fleets are now using biodiesel fuel at an increasing rate due to the lower cost as compared with standard diesel fuel. Another positive point is that plant waste conversion facilities can convert already existing waste into biodiesel fuel. This approaches an earth friendly attitude on two fronts.

Scientists and companies are continuing their research into biodiesel, even against those that feel it is not the answer to our fossil fuel problems. There actually aren’t many negatives on the side of biodiesel fuels. One possible objection has been the use of crops from the food supply for fuel. This has been misrepresented because the base plants that are used are typically not those used for human consumption. There are many crops such as rapeseed and castor that can produce biodiesel and are not used in the food supply. One real drawback is the fact that biodiesel does not perform as well in colder temperatures. With DIY biodiesel this can be solved by adding winter gelling agents that lower the operating temperature capacity of the fuel. This is the same type of process that is used in traditional diesel fuel for use in colder temperatures.
Even with the topic of biodiesel as an accepted alternative fuel, there remains a limited number of locations where biodiesel can actually be purchased.  There seemed to be an intense increase of biodiesel production as well as locations from 2008 until 2009 and then a drop off in production in 2010.  As with many alternatives, the success and/or failure is a multi-level situation, dependent upon public acceptance and commercial/industrial viability. In other words – companies have to make the investment only if the general public is willing to buy it.
Biodiesel may be one of the biggest biofuels of the future, and the pros for this fuel far outweigh the cons no matter which way the list is considered.

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