An exciting new age of green biofuels technology is coming. Many new fuels run off of biomass and have significantly reduced carbon emissions. It is especially exciting to watch as green fuel algae is coming to the forefront of green biofuels. General Motors Green is a plan on their part to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and switch to green biofuels. General Motors Green is their most ambitious plan yet: a plan to establish a nationwide system of green fuel stations. These green fuel stations would enable American drivers to use a cheaper, more environmentally friendly fuel. If General Motors Green is able to accomplish this, it will signal a revolution in automobile technology and will usher in a new era of domestic independence from foreign fuel sources.

General Motors Green
The challenge, when it comes to green biofuels, is to find a biodiesel that produces a liquid source of energy that can be run in an automobile. Not all biofuels are the same. Ethanol, for example is made from corn, but this is causing food prices to rise, making many people go hungry. General Motors Green will not be able to use ethanol in their green fuel stations project for one simple reason: it isn't sustainable. The future biodiesel in my opinion is going to be green fuel algae. It produces energy much more efficiently than corn can produce energy in the form of ethanol. Green biofuels are going to constantly be improved on in the future, it is just around the bend until a "wonder" biofuel is discovered.
Another beautiful thing about biofuels is that they can be run in biodiesel generators. Biodiesel generators can use biofuels such as vegetable oil that can be used to produce a cost- effective source of power. The advantage of using a biofuel such as vegetable oil is that is much cheaper than using diesel. You can go down to the local fast food store and most likely they will give you their used cooking oil for free. As you can see, it is hard to find a cheaper way to run a biodiesel generator than to use readily available free used cooking oil.

General Motors Green will end up using third-generation biofuel technology, i.e. green fuel algae in their green fuel stations project. Using green fuel algae to produce biofuel is much more efficient than using corn to produce ethanol for a few reasons. Green fuel algae requires fewer inputs, which means that acres and acres of corn won't have to be diverted from the food supply to produce biofuel. Another benefit of green fuel algae is that it is the fuel produced is biodegradable meaning that it has a lesser impact on the Earth. The plan to install green fuel stations by General Motors Green is an ambitious, but necessary undertaking. Sure, it won't be an easy feat to accomplish, but it will dole out a lot of benefits. These benefits include saving money on transportation costs and having less of an impact on the environment.

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