Addressing the most powerful lines of pollution and the efforts being made to stop and reverse the process.

Types Of Environmental Pollution
1. Particle Air Contamination. This type of environmental pollution happens when solid and liquid particles are released into the air and end up mixing with it. These particles may consist of chemicals, exhaust fumes, ash, metal, and other components. This air pollution is a result of burning wood, exhaust fumes, and industrial pollution.

2. Smog. This type of environmental pollution affects the ozone layer and creates serious health risks, such as asthma attacks, lung cancer, and others. When smog is combined with other kinds of air pollution like particle air contamination, it becomes even more dangerous.

3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This kind of environmental pollution makes the ozone layer thinner and intensifies the effects of global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions bring about temperature changes and fluctuations, as well as contribute to smog.

4. Use and Disposal of Heavy Metals. Heavy metal environmental pollution can be a result of mining and other similar industrial and extraction procedures. Heavy metals might be lying in puddles or groundwater, which can poison animals and birds, as well as people in the area.

5. Radioactive Waste and Nuclear Power Plants. Radioactive waste is able to change genetic material at the chromosome level, which may be passed down from generation to generation. Radiation sickness and various types of cancer may also be caused by this type environmental pollution.

6. Chemicals. Pesticides and chemicals used in manufacturing are a very dangerous type of environmental pollution. They seep into lakes, rivers, and the ground, bringing about devastating effects to the surroundings. Plants, animals, and humans could be poisoned quickly, or it could take months or even years for any symptoms of poisoning to show up. Many chemicals are known to cause cancer.

7. Coal Power Plants. These plants release a lot of greenhouse gas emissions and particle air pollution. When the coal is burned, polluting byproducts are created, and the leftover wasted and ashes are very toxic to the surrounding area. This harmful waste should be disposed of properly, but it is usually just dumped into pits or nearby lakes. Such disposal pollutes the water and land in the plant area, which creates enormous environmental pollution.

Recently there has been a lot of emphasis on clean coal power. This is technology that does not release CO2 into the atmosphere. The system uses carbon capture and storage (CCS) instead, where it collects the gas, then concentrates it, after which the gas is pumped deep underground and gets stored permanently in natural geological formations. So far this is only a concept, because there hasn’t yet been a fully operational CCS plant.

Other systems of clean coal power work to control the coal burning process, where emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and particulates are minimized. Flue gas desulphurization systems, or wet scrubbers, are used to remove sulfur dioxide, which is a major cause of acid rain. This is done by spraying flue gas with water and limestone.

With these new technologies, even the burning of fossil fuels such as coal may become relatively un-polluting, and this is the great task facing the world today: how to use technology to reduce the amount of pollutants that we emit.
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9 Responses to “7 Most Dangerous Types Of Environmental Pollution – With Focus On Clean Coal Power Technology And What Is Being Done About It.”

  1. 1
    mike Says:

    Space – the universe is also considered by many as the best long term storage option for nuclear waste. Of-course, the problem with this is getting it there. The waste would have to be taken out of the earths orbit, (for obvious reasons) and an accident at launch would be disastrous. Therefore for now this option not viable

  2. 2
    jason Says:

    Long term storage in a rocks is the current favoured way to keep radioactive waste. The waste is buried in caverns. When the caverns are filled, they are sealed with stone. Of-course, these are in non seismic areas as they have to store the waste of geological time.

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    High-level nuclear radioactive waste comes from the core of the nuclear reactor. How to dispose of it? We are talking uranium/plutonium, which have half-lives of more than 100,000 years!

  4. 4
    jason Says:


  5. 5
    jon Says:

    Actually the emission of mercury has reduced in recent times in Europe and North America. Unfortunately though, it is increasing in many developing countries, most noticeably China.

  6. 6
    jason Says:

    Mercury is a really nasty heavy metal. a big sources of mercury emissions are in manufacture of chlorine in mercury cells, as well as non-ferrous metal production, and the combustion of coal. The mercury then enters the body not through inhalation, but through the food chain (particularly large fish). This metal bio-accumalates which means it gradually accumulates in living things.

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