Reducing and eventually removing environmental pollution involves
examination of the worst offenders. This is a list of just the 7 most dangerous.
It is actually just the beginning of the problem.

  • There are many types of environmental pollution that are considered dangerous

  • Environmental pollution is a big concern around the globe, and this pollution can be deadly

  • Some dangerous types of environmental pollution include nuclear power plants and radioactive waste, smog and particle air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and many more

Types Of Environmental Pollution
1. Smog

There are many types of environmental pollution, and one of the most dangerous of these is pollution that affects the ozone layer, and results in smog. Cities like Los Angeles are the most at risk, where the smog blocks the atmosphere and creates serious health risks that can be deadly. This pollution can lead to lung cancer, asthma attacks which can be fatal, and many other medical problems. Smog can combine with other types of air pollution, such as particle pollution, to increase the health and safety risks. This environmental pollution type is one of the most serious, and affects many areas around the globe.

2. Particle Air Contamination

One of the types of environmental pollution that must be stopped because of the fatal consequences that can result is particle air contamination. This occurs when particles of liquids and solids are released and mix with the air. These particles can consist of many different things, including metals, exhaust fumes, chemicals, ash, and other components. This type of air contamination can be caused by exhaust, burning wood, industrial pollution, and many other sources.

3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the types of environmental pollution that must be prevented, because of the effect it has on the entire earth. This pollution thins out the ozone layer, and increases the global warming effects that are being seen. Temperature fluctuations and changes, and other effects are being seen because of greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions may also contribute to smog, because they pollute and damage the ozone layer.

4. Nuclear Power Plants And Radioactive Waste

Environmental damage from radioactive waste and nuclear material is a very large concern in the modern world. This source of pollution can be deadly, and can have consequences which can last generations, and thousands of years for some waste types. Radioactive waste can alter genetic material, resulting in gene and chromosome changes which can be passed on to future generations. Cancers and radiation sickness can also result from being exposed to this source of pollution.

5. Heavy Metal Use And Disposal

Heavy metal pollution can occur from many things, including mining and other extraction and industrial procedures. Heavy metals may be used to leach gold and other ores from the earth, leaving behind destruction. The heavy metals may lay on any groundwater or puddles, and poison birds and other wildlife in the area as well as any people.

6. Pollution From Coal Power Plants

Coal power plants have the distinction of being one of the most deadly types of environmental pollution. These plants release tons of particle pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as encouraging mining to recover coal. There are polluting byproducts created when the coal is burn, and the ashes and leftover waste can be very toxic to the environment and life in the area. These hazardous wastes must be disposed of, and this is usually done by dumping them in nearby lakes and in pits dug for this purpose. This disposal contaminates the land and water surrounding the plants, creating significant environmental pollution and harm to the ecosystem.

7. Chemicals

One of the types of environmental pollution that is the most dangerous is the use of chemicals. Chemicals, like pesticides and those used in manufacturing and other industrial applications, can be a very dangerous source of pollution to the environment. Chemicals can seep into the ground, rivers and lakes, and have devastating effects to everything in the area. Plants, fish, and wildlife, as well as humans in the area, may be poisoned quickly or the effects may be slow and take months or years for medical symptoms to show. Many chemicals are considered carcinogens and are known to cause cancers in animals and humans.

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