Biofuel production will prove to be the answer that the airline industry needs, to lower costs, reduce and eliminate air pollution, stop the harmful releases of carbons and other pollutants and greenhouse gases, and be competitive in a world where the price of energy is rising. Petroleum is a fossil fuel, and this means that it is going to run out. Analysts and economic advisors caution that this will probably happen sooner than expected previously, because many developing countries are seeing higher demands for oil and other fossil fuels. If the airline industry stays dependent on fossil fuels for their energy needs, the whole industry as a whole may become extinct and flying may end up going the way of the dinosaur. Biofuel production is the answer that will save the airline industry and keep it strong and competitive. Biofuel production will benefit the earth, the airline industry, and consumers, so everyone wins and there are no losers. This is not true when fossil fuels are used for energy.

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