Recycling plastics can be a great way to reuse petroleum-based plastics so that even more petroleum is used and more plastics are created. Recycling should be done as much as possible. Also try using other materials instead of any plastics whenever possible. If you must use plastics, use bioplastics and plastic products that are mostly made from recycled plastics. Instead of using plastic grocery bags, use paper, or better yet, buy some fabric or cloth grocery bags to take with you and use whenever you go to the store. Try to reduce your need and use of plastics, and choose environmentally friendly options when you must use plastic products. The damage petroleum-based plastics cause to the earth can be helped if everyone pitched in to help recycle.

Recycling Plastics
Recycling plastics is one way to help the environment, and when recycling takes place, these products can be used to make bioplastics. What are bioplastics and how can recycling contribute to them? Bioplastics are plastics that are created to break down sooner than regular plastics and to cause no harm to the environment while this process occurs. Traditional plastics were built to last, as many existing landfills demonstrate. Some plastics can take between 500 and 1,000 years to break down completely. This is because chemicals were added to plastics to make them last longer and look better. Bioplastics eliminate the hundreds of years it may take for certain items to break down in a landfill because these plastics will break down fairly quickly, sometimes in a matter of weeks.

Many plastics that are better for the environment are made from a combination of bioplastics and recycled plastics. This is good for the environment because most traditional plastics are made from oil, a substance the world will eventually run out of. Bioplastics are not made from petroleum-based products but are made from things like corn starch and other natural materials. Bioplastics have many benefits over more traditional plastics; mainly that they break down much faster and easier. Plastic that lasts for hundreds of years poses a big threat to the earth. Marine animals have died because of plastic can holders causing them to suffocate and many cities around the globe have problems with litter alongside roads and highways.

Recycling plastics and using recycled material to make bioplastics has a double effect on the planet. Recycling plastics can remove millions of tons of waste each year from landfills and will help reduce the amount of garbage that will last for hundreds of years. Recycled plastics can be ground up and melted down so that the materials can be used again as an addition to bioplastics. This also reduces the need for raw materials, meaning less petroleum is needed.

Bioplastics are usually compostable and fully degradable, usually very quickly, especially when compared to traditional petroleum-based plastics. Bioplastics and recycling can help you make the earth a better place one piece of plastic at a time. Because bioplastics are made from natural, harmless materials, including corn starch, these plastics are much friendlier to the earth during the manufacturing process. The corn used to create the cornstarch grows, and while growing, the plant removes carbon dioxide from the air, which gives bioplastics an added advantage. Because of this, bioplastics are considered carbon neutral, because they absorb just as much carbon while growing as it takes to create the bioplastics.

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4 Responses to “Recycling Plastics Can Create Bioplastics”

  1. 1
    green bean Says:

    Can any kind of metal be recycled? I mean, I’m sure they can be somehow, but will the recycling centers pay you for any type of metal? Even like steel? I have a crazy amount of stuff in my backyard I would totally be willing to drag down to the closest recycling plant if I was certain they would offer me $ for it.

  2. 2
    Timothy Kieger Says:

    amazing article!i believe my eyes now. my sister recommend this site to me when she got her 3rd article from here. I was skeptical at first due to poor quality on other sites. they are same to authentic ones,but in amazing competitive price. This is really exceptional!Thanks to you site, very fast shipping and helpful service. i will go on what my sister did, to recommend this site to my friends.

  3. 3
    green teen Says:

    our govt has banned plastics bags altogether in my city but no one seems to care they still use plastics now more than ever maybe and our land fill are already over flowing plastics have littered almost every inch of free space recycling facilities aren’t easy to come by and our govt does nothing to educate people to separate their garbage or recycle it so people remain oblivious to the fact that every plastic bag they throw is another step towards global warming and other ecological problems

  4. 4
    plastic_man Says:

    Recycling is great but what if you live somewhere where there are no recycling facilities? The small town I live in has no way to recycle unless you want to drive three hours north. With gas the way it is, we’re better off throwing it away.

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