There is a green revolution worldwide, and this movement involves ecofriendly buildings, using or investing in an alternative energy business, and making an effort to protect the environment while conserving energy and resources whenever possible. The green revolution worldwide involves individuals making a conscious effort to reduce their impact and footprint on the earth, to leave a better world for future generations. Fossil fuels are limited, and with the growing populations these supplies will run out in the near future. Alternative energy sources do not cause the pollution or environmental damage that fossil fuels do, and these fuels and energy sources are renewable. It is possible to live on the planet without destroying it, and more people are starting to really understand the difference they can make. Ecofriendly buildings are part of the green revolution worldwide, and these buildings use the latest advancements in green building material and technology to construct buildings which are environmentally friendly but extremely energy and resource efficient at the same time. Glass, stone, and other natural materials may be used, and there are commercial building products which are green alternatives to their traditional counterparts. Another aspect of the green revolution worldwide is plants. Many ecofriendly buildings have open areas, domes, or gardens which are full of plants to clean the air and provide more oxygen. Plants, shrubs, and trees are being used in homes and yards as well, to make the earth a cleaner and better place for everyone. Many people are realizing that there is only one earth, and humans are slowly destroying and poisoning it. Going green can have a big impact, and help the environment instead of damaging it further.

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