1) Avoid plastic products to begin with. Plastic is so ubiquitous because it’s made from petroleum, which makes it very cheap. Avoiding plastic as much as you can is the first way to reduce plastic use, and this is easier than you think. Instead of using plastic wrap to store things in the fridge, use Tupperware or glass containers. Use high grade blue plastic bottles to store water. Instead of buying fruit and vegetables from a supermarket, get them from your local farmer’s market or a farm shop and put them in your own bag.

8 Practical Ways To Reduce Plastic Use
2) Reuse or recycle materials. It is easy to recycle plastic in this country, so take advantage of one of the easiest ways to reduce plastic. It is possible to wash out and reuse many containers that you buy, although it’s better to reuse higher grade plastics. (To read about oxo-biodegradable plastics, click here).

3) Do it yourself. Another way to reduce plastic use is to do some things yourself. For example, you could try growing some vegetables and fruit in your very backyard, if you have one. Also, making your own bread would certainly contribute less trash to the landfill every week. If you think this process is time consuming, it’s not! All you have to do is put the ingredients in the machine and press the ‘start’ button. The rest is done for you. (To read get some eco-friendly home tips, click here).

4) Shop local. Going to your local butcher, as opposed to the supermarket, your products will come wrapped in paper or a thin plastic bag. This is a lot better than supermarket-bought meats that usually have a polystyrene tray covered in thick plastic wrap.

5) Think refills. Buy a bottle for water that is refillable, and, if you drink coffee, a mug for it, and keep it in your car or bag. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce plastic, and it works, since so many of us tend to buy one-time plastic bottles. And talk about the line-ups in coffee shops every morning! If every one of those people had a refillable mug or bottle, we’d reduce plastic use significantly.

6) Forget plastic bags. Get a reusable bag for your groceries. Every minute more than one million plastic bags are consumed in the world. Don’t be one of those million. (To read about biodegradable bags, click here).

7) Forget straws. You really don’t need them if you think about, so just opt out of using them.

8) Be a conscientious consumer. Don’t just grab the first thing you see in the supermarket. Question its packaging. For example, you can buy products like ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, and honey in squeeze plastic bottles, or you can get them in glass. Since you can’t recycle a lot of the plastic containers, you should always opt out for glass.

For more information on the results of over consumption of plastic, go to:

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