Eco friendly building trends are on the rise as more and more research is showing that not only does building an eco house improve the environment, but it's a smart financial investment for the homeowner. Eco friendly kitchen trends, bathrooms, game rooms, landscaping, and any other part of a house are going green. It does cost more money up front, but increases the value of the home and makes it much more marketable. A real estate study performed in the Seattle showed that an eco house sold for 30 percent more per square foot and 15 percent faster than their non-eco house counterparts.

Eco House

Eco-friendly building trends can be broken down into the following categories:

Energy efficiency

An eco house will utilize design strategies through building shape and orientation to take advantage of natural light and solar energy. Energy efficient appliances and renewable energy sources are used as well as high quality wall and ceiling installation.

Material efficiency

Sustainable construction materials are selected based upon recycled content, low greenhouse gas emissions, as well as design strategies that cut down on the volume of materials that have to be used.

Water efficiency

Another one of the most popular eco friendly building trends is water efficiency. Techniques used to conserve water are dual plumbing, low flush toilets, low flow shower heads, grey water systems that use rain water, and other eco friendly kitchen trends.

There are several reasons to build an eco house and plenty of eco friendly building trends to choose from. Make sure you plan it out from the get go and get advice from experts.

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