Real energy conservation also means stopping any unnecessary use. If you work near your home, consider walking or riding a bike back and forth. This will give you savings on gas and prevent harmful carbon emissions from entering the air. If walking or riding a bike is not an option, try carpooling. Rather than have four or five cars make the long commute every day, take turns driving one car per day. This greatly minimizes your impact on the environment and will also save on gas money because everyone pitches in for the cost of getting back and forth to work. Turn down your thermostat at home and/or at the office because even a few degrees can make a big difference in energy use and costs. Replace older appliances with newer, energy efficient models. If you have enough land, put up wind turbines and use solar panels to help heat and energize your home. You will be less dependent on the utility company, see savings, and be doing your part to make the Earth greener.

Renewable Electricity
Many people want to conserve energy but are not sure what to do or how to go about it. Energy conservation is much more than just talking about the environment. Real conservation means doing your part to minimize energy use and using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels as much as possible. This has many benefits, including minimizing your harmful impact on the Earth and environment, lowering energy costs, minimizing harmful emissions that contribute to global warming, and many others.

Many renewable energy sources are available and many different technologies and methods continue to be researched. There is biomass energy, solar energy, wind energy, geothermic energy, hydro energy, and tidal energy. All of these renewable alternative energy methods offer benefits, but some may not be cost effective at this time due to high production costs. The biggest exception is biomass energy because this energy source is very cost efficient and can be implemented widely at a low cost.

Energy conservation starts with shutting off lights and turning off the tap when lights and water are not being used, but conservation should not stop there. Every person on the planet has a responsibility to minimize their negative impact on the Earth. This means moving away from fossil fuels and into alternative renewable energy sources like biomass energy and other options. When choosing a vehicle, go with a hybrid, or one that runs on hydrogen, biofuels, or uses fuel cells for energy. This will be a big step towards conservation and will help eliminate pollution at the same time.

Real energy conservation means using fuels that are renewable so that the Earth does not end up depleted of its fossil fuel resources. There are more than just environmental benefits to using biomass energy and other alternative sources. Costs of producing these fuels are lower and are not situated in one main region like oil is.

Conserving energy means using energy sources that can be replaced. Plants grown for biofuels increase oxygen in the air, add jobs to economies, and can be grown almost all around the world. Biofuels and alternative renewable energy sources can be the key to ending the world's dependence on oil and can help stabilize the Middle East.

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