Additional details on previously mentioned and new ways that everyone can contribute to the reduction of pollution
1. Drive smart and in the right vehicle. One of the most effective ways to reduce pollution is to drive the right vehicle. An electric vehicle or at least a hybrid is environmentally friendly and will help in preventing pollution. Even if you just shop for a gasoline-fueled car with lower emissions, it will have a positive impact on the environment and assist in reducing pollution. Driving smart also goes a long way. Here are some basic ways to reduce pollution while actually driving: accelerate gradually, use cruise control when possible, replace your air filter, report smoking vehicles, and keep your tires inflated.

Ways of Reducing Pollution
2. Minimize Vehicle Use. Even better than driving smart is to drive as little as possible in general. Ride a bicycle, use public transport, or carpool whenever you can. Combine appointments and errands into a single trip when you can, which will reduce the exhaust fumes and emissions in the long run. This is important for preventing pollution.

3. Plant trees and plants. Trees and plants take carbon out of the environment and the air we breathe. Planting more trees and landscaping helps with preventing pollution and keeps the environment cleaner. So, grow a garden if you have a yard, or simply get lots of plants to put around your apartment, and you’ll be reducing pollution.

4. Reuse and recycle. This is one of the most obvious ways to reduce pollution. When you reuse and recycle items, it goes a long way in preserving new raw materials. Recycling also minimizes the landfill garbage and the environmental damage caused by manufacturing processes. Recycling is the most basic aid in preventing pollution.

5. Correctly dispose of hazardous materials. This includes pesticides, chemicals, and any materials that can cause harm to the general population in the area. So, one of the ways to reduce pollution is to dispose of them properly, instead of just throwing them into the garbage can.

6. Replace fossil fuel use with renewable energy. This is probably one of the most effective ways to reduce pollution. Fossil fuels cause a lot of damage to the environment through pollution. Even to get them out of the earth is very polluting, because mining of any kind damages the earth and harms the environment.

7. Conserve energy when possible. This one is also important for preventing pollution, because conservation of energy decreases demand, which conserves resources that would be utilized otherwise. Some examples of things you can do to save energy include: switching off the lights in rooms not in use, replace energy-sucking incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones, install window fans instead of AC units, insulate the water heater, install a programmable thermostat that can turn off automatically when the temperature has reached comfortable levels, use low-flow shower heads. There are many other ways to save energy around the home as well and most of them are very easy to implement, like unplugging electrical devices when not in use.

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11 Responses to “7 Most Efficient Ways of Reducing Pollution – Updated information”

  1. 1
    jason Says:

    In the UK about 2 power stations’ worth of electricity annually are wasted due to people leaving TV sets and other electronics on standby.

  2. 2
    mike Says:

    Stand by tvs! Why were they invented! They waste so much electricity, and so many people still dont know this.

  3. 3
    jake Says:

    Planting trees is one of my favourite things to do, and its smazing whatching them grow. If everyone could just plant one tree a year, in the US that would be over 350,000 new trees annully with very minimal effort! Trees are thelungs which keep city air relatively clean despite all the fumes we emit.

  4. 4
    jim Says:

    You mentioned hazardous material disposal. Still many people do not know how to get rid of old goods such as computers, and they think you can just throw them away like many things. More effort needs to put into the educate people that things like computers cannot be simply thrown away!

  5. 5
    jon Says:

    Of course everyone knows about the driving less thing, but what do you do if you live in a community where there is no other option? The problem here is town planning in the US, which is all based around the car. Its so much nicer in many parts of Europe, where you can hop onto your bike or public transport and get around easily

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