Seven easy to adapt to methods for the general individual to assist in pollution
reduction. These are common sense ways that everyone can help out to make
our lives more earth friendly.

  • There are many available ways of reducing pollution, and some of these are very easy to do

  • Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle use can help protect the environment

  • Choose appliances and vehicles which are very energy efficient, and conserve energy whenever possible

Ways of Reducing Pollution
There are many ways to reduce pollution, some are simple and some are complex and may require significant efforts. Taking these steps is an important move towards a cleaner earth, and a better life for future generations to come.

1. Plant Trees And Plants

Trees and plants are natural carbon sinks and cleaners. Plants and trees take carbon out of the air and the environment, and they also help to filter out particles and other components in the air and soil. These living components are like nature's maids, taking care of the mess humans are creating. Planting more landscaping and trees will help keep the earth and environment cleaner. Grow a garden, fill the house with plants and trees inside and out, and this will reduce pollution.

2. Drive An Efficient Alternative Fuel Vehicle

Ones of the best ways of reducing pollution is to choose the right vehicle. Hybrids and electric vehicles, as well as those that run solely on alternative renewable fuel sources, will help protect the environment and keep the air clean. Even choosing a car which has lower emissions than the one presently used can have a big impact on the environment, and prevent harmful greenhouse gas emissions and exhaust fumes.

3. Recycle And Reuse

Recycling and reusing items can go a long way towards reducing contamination and pollution. When items are used again and recycled, new raw materials are preserved. This also has the benefit of minimizing the amount of landfill space needed, and damage to the environment from the manufacturing processes as well. Recycling is a very simple and easy step, and will have an astounding effect on the amount of environmental damage that is prevented. Most items can be recycled, and many places participate in programs that accept items to be recycled when these items can no longer be used again.

4. Use Renewable Energy Sources Instead Of Fossil Fuels

The most effective ways of reducing pollution are ones which utilize renewable alternative energy sources, instead of relying on fossil fuels for the energy needed. Fossil fuels cause a lot of pollution and damage to the earth and environment, at all stages through the process. When fossil fuel reserves are located, the fuel must be recovered as one of the first steps towards processing. Mining in any form damages the globe, and pollutes the world. The processing of these fuels into products that can be used by consumers is also a big source of damage to the environment and air pollution.

5. Conserve Energy Whenever Possible

Energy conservation can help prevent the environment from being contaminated and damaged. Conserving energy lessens the demand, and this reserves resources which would be used otherwise. Use light bulbs which are energy efficient, and replace older appliances that are energy hogs with energy star rated appliances that do not use as much power. Use window fans instead of air conditioning, and shut off lights when a room is not in use. In the winter throw on an extra layer of clothing and keep the heat between sixty five and seventy degrees.

6. Minimize Vehicle Use

One of the easiest ways of reducing pollution is to minimize or eliminate vehicle use. Ride a bike, use roller blades, and find other forms of transportation that only require energy from the person using it. This is not possible all the time, but using public transportation and carpooling when a vehicle must be used can also have a big effect on the environment. Plan errands and appointments to minimize the amount of driving needed, and this will cut down significantly on the amount of exhaust fumes and other harmful pollutants caused.

7. Dispose Of Hazardous Materials Correctly

Hazardous materials are a big polluter when it comes to the environment. This includes chemicals, pesticides, and other materials which can cause damage or harm to the earth and inhabitants in the area. Make sure to take all hazardous materials in to be disposed of properly, rather than throwing these items into the household garbage to be taken to the landfill.

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