We all know that there are companies whose products may not be the healthiest or the best quality. But which one of them are the worst polluting companies? As my research has shown, it is unfortunate, but perhaps not altogether unsurprising, that the some of the biggest companies in the US are the ones doing the most damage. McDonald’s There are many factors that make McDonald’s one of the worst polluting companies out there. Firstly, there is a huge amount of waste that comes from the food packaging, which mostly ends up in landfills. McDonald’s is one of the pioneers of the “one time use” culture, which is massively unsustainable and polluting. Secondly, a lot of energy is wasted on running the various branches, especially those open 24 hours, as anyone who has worked there will attest to. Finally, the corporation has been found to participate in rain forest destruction, since it buys its meat from poorly regulated privatized farms, which are built on land that was once covered by lush rainforests. So, not only does McDonald’s contribute to air pollution, but it also reduces the only agent that could actually clean it; never mind thousands of species of animals that are left homeless or killed as a result of deforestation. Chevron This makes our list of the worst polluting companies, because it was involved in a lawsuit filed by 30,000 Ecuadorians. The company was charged with increasing local cancer rates, destroying rainforest parts, killing animals and destroying crops. The lawsuit took a long time to go through various courts, and in the meantime Chevron denied its wrongdoing and continued with the environmental damage in Ecuador. Click here to continue reading

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