Specific details regarding the amount of Antarctic ice that has melted due to global warming. The direct effect of this fresh water being added to the worlds oceans. Rising sea levels will not only change, but destroy many land masses and alter the balance of animal and human life around the world.

This article follows on from our previous article on global warming in Antarctica. Here are some facts and figures regarding the consequences of global warming in Antarctica.

Global Warming Effect
1) In the last 30 years, no less than seven gigantic ice shelves have reduced in area by 14,500 square kilometers.
2) The global warming effect on Antarctica is five times as strong as anywhere else. In the last fifty years, the continent has experienced a warming of around 4.5F, or 2.5C.

3) The Southern Ocean is warming fast. Measurements from the Southern Ocean waters around Antarctica showed an increase of 0.3F, or 0.17C in the average ocean temperature between the 50s and the 80s.
4) The global warming effect on Antarctica is rapidly decreasing its ice-thickness. For example, on one of the islands of Antarctica, called Signey, the permanent ice cover of its lakes has decreased by more than 45% in the last 60 years.
5) The famous Larsen B ice shelf has lost 3,250 square kilometers in the last 50 years. In 1995, 1995 km squared disintegrated suddenly, and in January to February 2002, the northern section of the shelf disintegrated. Nothing like this had been observed since scientists started studying Antarctica.
6) A large number of Antarctic penguins have suffered due to these changes. The population of the ubiquitous Antarctic penguin, the Adelie Penguin, has reduced by more than 33% in the last 25 years.
7) Scientists are very concerned about the fate of the massive West Antarctic ice sheet. If it collapses, it could raise sea levels by as much as an incredible 5.8 meters, which would be catastrophic for many islands and coastal areas around the world.

Antarctica remains the best guide scientists have to the impact of global warming. Many predictions that they make regarding the rest of the world comes from what they witness in Antarctica. For a variety of complex reasons, this part of the world is abnormally effected by global warming, and whilst the globe as a whole has not heated up that severly in recent decades, this region has got a lot hotter.

One of the most worrying aspects of global warming is rising sea levels, especially as most of the world’s great cities are located on the coast. Antarctica is the main reason that sea levels are rising, as that is where the majority of the worlds water is locked up in ice (thousands times more than, say, the north pole). Hundreds of scientists are stationed on Antarctica as you read this article, systematically recoding the breakup of ice sheets and reduction of ice cover.

The effects of global warming in Antarctica will eventually touch all of our lives. Let’s hope that society can move towards a sustainable future as quickly as possible, so that the impacts of the climate change will be kept to a minimum. For the original story, and further information on the global warming effect on Antarctica, click here

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    Many experts suppose that it is unlikely that sea level the sea will rise will be less than 50 cm by 2100. According to calculations, this weill affect one in ten humans on the planet.The upper predicited range is a whole meter by 2010 – which would affect one in 5 humans.

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    tom Says:

    Im so sorry to hear that Antarctica is suffering from Global Warming and if we had acted soon then we would not have this problem now but we cant blame scientists, Nobody knew Global Warming would affect anything but those were just predictions… I feel sorry for the animals that are being extinct such as: Penquins, Polar Bear and more! Global Warming is yes mostly caused by Vehicles that run on Gasoline and Diesel but I suppose theres not much we can do now… Its a real shame. I blame cars and trucks and factorys and places that produce Green House gases but the real reason for Global Warming is atoms that are in gas mix together to make a new type of gas like flamethrowers have gasoline, hydrogen and carbondioxide that mix together to create a strip of fire capable of destroying things but thats not the point. So please people of the earth help fight Global Warming.

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    This is all our fault turn off the computer now and save energy!!!
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    so cool lol penguins are cute!!

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    MELBA Says:

    Could you tell me why the air temperature has grown colder in the last sevral decades, instead of warmer, as we have all been warned would happen? I just read this, along with pictures of water freezing, as soon as it hits the cold air.

    Thank you!

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    Pls save Antartica

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    This is really bad. the Earth and the Human race can’t continue like this. If it does we’ll die one of two ways: the earth will over heat and we’ll die or the sun will stop producing light because of all the gases and we’ll freze to death. How fun? WE’VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!

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    this may be bad, but i think, its about time, earth will proberbly just over heat, well all die, earth will cool down, then things will start all iver again, lets just hope WE arent around to screw things up next time.

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    we all know that the recession is biting us at the minute so we need to start cutting down our electronics and swith off all appliances please. This should then help the Global Warming in Antarctica!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP

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    this is aweful

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    I don’t think the polar bears and penguins enjoy saunas. What is going to take to get the human race to realize we cannot keep going like this?

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