The global warming effect on Antarctica can have devastating results for the entire world. When ice melts and the sea rises, this leads to more moisture in the air. This means more rain and snow in other areas, and this will affect millions of people. Coastal lands of every continent may become flooded due to rising sea levels, leading to less land in an already overpopulated world. Food crops can be greatly affected, causing food shortages and starvation deaths, especially in countries that are not developed. There is also a rise in natural disasters like devastating storms, such as typhoons and hurricanes, that are caused by global warming and the Antarctic ice cap melting. Hurricane Katrina in the United States and elsewhere may be an example of what future storms will be like if we do not stop global warming now. The global warming effect on Antarctica means disaster for the entire world if we do not stop global warming, or at least greatly reduce the greenhouse gases we are putting into the air.

The global warming effect on Antarctica may not be reversible, but we can minimize the damage done from this point forward. Using renewable energy sources that are friendly to the environment, and do not cause greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, can greatly reduce the global warming effect in Antarctica. This will benefit the entire world. After years and years of causing damage to the earth because of a dependence on fossil fuels, we must find and use alternative energy sources before we damage the earth beyond repair. The global warming effect on Antarctica is just the first step in a process that will end with the earth becoming uninhabitable for future generations. This must not be allowed to happen, and steps must be taken now to reduce and eliminate global warming, not only to protect Antarctica but the entire world.

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