Electricity production can be done many ways, including ways that are friendly to the environment. A major source of electricity production is the coal power plant, where coal is turned into energy. These plants are extremely damaging to the environment. Electricity production can be done using solar panels and wind turbines for homes and buildings, and fuel cells and supercapacitors can be the answer for vehicles by enabling electric cars which are efficient and do no damage to the earth. There are many ways to provide the electricity production we need without resorting to damaging the environment in any way. Using green methods of electricity production will prevent the world from being harmed ecologically, by eliminating pollution and greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. There are many ways to produce electricity, and this form of energy does not have to be harmful in any way, and can be produced in a friendly way to both mankind and the earth.

Electricity Production
Electricity production basics are not as complex as they may seem at first. Electricity is widely used in many countries, for many reasons. Electricity can be produced in many ways, including using coal, solar power, wind power, several forms of ocean power, using hydrogen, and others, but the basic production of electricity always follows the same pattern. The start of electricity is electrons, which always have a negative charge. Every atom has at least one electron, often more than one. In a lot of materials, these electrons do not move and are bonded to the atom, which holds them in place. Some examples of these materials include wood, cotton, air, glass, ceramic, plastics, and many others. All material that contains bonded electrons like this can not conduct electricity efficiently, if the materials can conduct it at all. Materials like this are called electrical insulators.

Other materials, including almost all metals like silver, gold, and aluminum, do not have electrons which are bonded, and these electrons can travel around the material after detaching from their atom. Electrons that can do this are in a class called free electrons. Because the electrons can come loose and move, these materials are called electrical conductors, because they will conduct electricity through the material by the movement of the electrons. Without a conductor, electricity can not move at all. Another requirement for electricity is the ability to flow, and this is usually done with a generator. This piece of equipment enables the electricity to flow through the conductor. Generators work by utilizing a magnet and moving it close to the wire, causing the electrons in the wire to move and flow.

For electricity production, an electrical circuit must be present. This can be done using almost any energy source, such as a solar panel, a battery, or a fuel cell. The energy source must have two terminals present, one that is positive and one that is negative. The electrical source will want to push electrons out of the terminal that is negative at a specific voltage, and this voltage will depend on the energy source being used. Another requirement for electricity production is that a wire usually made of copper, or another electrical conductor, allows electrons to flow from the terminal that is negative to the terminal that is positive. The path that this electron flow follows is the electrical circuit. Electrical circuits can be very simple, consisting only of an electrical source, two wires for the electricity production and conduction, and the load, which is the device to be powered. These circuits can also be very complex, consisting of a large number o components all working together to complete the electrical circuit.

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    zero cost commissions review Says:

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    Virtual Memory Low Says:

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    Romano Says:

    Very simple and interesting.
    I have a question: maybe you can answer: does it exist a material (rubber, plastic… or similar) that , under pressure or torsion, generates en electricity flow in some way?
    If yes, this would be revolutionary in view of safe energy production.
    Romano Italy

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    Mike Says:

    Excellent article that was understandable. Knowing how electricity is produced is the first step for future generations to explore new ways of producing it.

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