Renewable electricity generation is the key to a cleaner and brighter future, one that protects the earth instead of damaging and destroying it. The world has become dependent on electricity and it is not possible to go back to living without this resource. This does not mean it is okay to continue using fossil fuels to generate this electricity though. Global warming has increased significantly in the past ten years, all thanks to carbon emissions from fossil fuel use, and the ice shelves are rapidly melting. The damage caused by using fossil fuels can no longer be denied, even by the same experts that stated there was no need to worry a decade ago. Renewable energy electricity is the key to meeting the electricity needs of the world without causing damage and destruction.

Renewable Electricity

  • Renewable electricity is the clean energy source of the future.

  • Renewable energy electricity does not depend on fossil fuels or other limited resources.

  • Renewable electricity generation is a safe and environmentally friendly process which does not pollute or cause carbon emissions.


Renewable electricity is a better option when it comes to generating electricity and power, for many different reasons. Fossil fuels, which have been the most widely used source of power to generate electricity, are available in a limited supply, and at some point these energy sources will be depleted and can not be used anymore. In addition, fossil fuels have carbon emissions and air pollution issues that make these fuels a bad choice. Renewable energy electricity can be generated from a number of sources, including municipal solid waste to energy conversion, solar power, biomass energy, wind power, geothermal power, and many more. Renewable electricity generation is the key to a clean energy source, and energy production that will not run out or cause damage to the earth and environment.

Renewable electricity will ensure that there is no energy crisis in the future, when the supply of fossil fuels run out. Many critics believe that there is plenty of fossil fuels available for this generation, bu what about the next one, and generations after that? If something is not done soon to stop the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation we can be leaving our children and grandchildren the legacy of a polluted earth stripped of all fossil fuels, with very few renewable energy electricity sources in place to provide all the energy needed by these future generations.

Renewable electricity generation needs to start now, to minimize the damage done by the reliance on fossil fuels. Renewable electricity does not use energy sources that are going to run out. Instead, alternative and renewable energy sources like wind and geothermal heat are used to generate electricity instead. There is no environmental harm caused by mining the earth, which is very destructive. Nuclear power is not an option either, because of the dangers that this power source can represent. One accident at a nuclear power plant can cause damage to a large part of the earth that can not be repaired, and the radioactivity will stay for thousands of years. A major malfunction at a nuclear power plant has the capability of destroying the entire earth as well as all the inhabitants on it. Instead there are safe renewable electricity options that do not carry the same risks, and use resources that are renewed naturally. Renewable energy electricity is the only safe option when it comes to meeting the global energy needs now and in the future.

Renewable electricity is better because it does not contribute to air pollution or global warming, and it does not involve using fossil fuels or other limited resources. Renewable electricity generation is a better option in every way when all of the factors are considered, and with some renewable energy electricity systems you can save a substantial amount of money on your utility bills as well. There is no negative side or disadvantages to renewable electricity, only advantages.

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