As people continue to become more environmentally aware of their actions, they have also probably looked at their home energy use and renewable electric. They want to become more energy efficient to lessen their impact on the environment. Traditional electrical bulbs aren't cutting it any more, people want energy efficient bulbs that use less energy and last a lot longer than traditional electrical bulbs. Recently, there have been a lot of advances in bulb technology and renewable electric thinking. The renewable electric concept is based on thinking of using replenish able sources of energy such as the sun or wind. A bulb that runs directly off this concept is solar bulbs. These collect and accumulate energy from the sun and concentrate it to produce light. Another bright spot in electrical bulbs are energy efficient bulbs that aren't your traditional incandescent light bulb. Using more efficient bulbs in tandem with renewable electric thinking, can seriously reduce environmental harm inflicted upon the planet.

A very exciting bulb that directly utilizes renewable electric thinking is solar bulbs. There is a wide array of benefits to using solar bulbs. These electrical bulbs don't require an outside power source behind solar energy. So, this reduces your energy requirements and your energy cost in one fell swoop. Another benefit to solar bulbs is that they are long lasting, up to 5 years in most cases. They are also not difficult to install and can be installed away from the power grid, a big benefit in isolated, remote locales. A prominent example of solar bulbs and renewable electric thought is Bagram airfield in Afghanistan, whose runways are lighted by solar bulbs.

Simple electrical bulbs run off of incandescent technology. These electrical bulbs emit light because a current is passed through a thin filament which produces heat and eventually light. The inefficiencies of this system are vast. For one, these electrical bulbs don't last for very long and produce an excessive amount of heat to light. These are gradually being phased out for more efficient bulbs. The only remaining uses for these bulbs are for jobs that rely on the heat produced, such as a hatching box for poultry.

A more effective lighting source is energy efficiency bulbs. There are a wide variety of different energy efficiency bulbs out on the market today. The two most common energy efficient bulbs are LED (light emitting diode) bulbs or CFL (compact fluorescent lights) bulbs. Compact fluorescent lights bulbs are simply full size fluorescent bulbs that have been compacted and emit light comparable to incandescent bulbs. Light emitting diode bulbs are extremely energy efficient and focus only on producing light with one downside: they can be quite expensive. However, recently LED bulbs have become less expensive as they use cheaper silicone wafers rather than sapphire components in previous LED bulbs.
Overall, it is very exciting to watch as more efficient and less impact bulbs are being developed and fine tuned. I believe that it is only a matter of time before these concepts are applied more liberally throughout the populace. I believe so because more and more people continue to become environmentally conscious and want to leave the planet earth for future generations in as pristine condition as possible to be enjoyed.

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