There are many methods of power generation that do not cause global warming or the emissions of greenhouse gases. Environmentally safe power generation is possible and can be done in many ways to stop global warming and prevent more damage to the earth. Using alternative energy sources that are eco-friendly means leaving a better earth for our children and grandchildren in the future. After all, we are responsible for global warming and it is our responsibility to solve this problem, instead of leaving it for future generations to deal with and clean up.

Power Generation Industry
Power generation industry that is environmentally safe does not have to be a pipe dream, and it is possible to generate power without causing harm to the earth and environment. Global warming is increasing, and this poses a big risk to the earth, mankind, and every of the world's ecosystems. The biggest cause of global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases that occurs when fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel are used and burned in vehicles. Environmentally safe power generation must move away from fossil fuels and towards alternative energy sources that are ecologically friendly yet are affordable and efficient at the same time.

Solar power is one alternative energy source that can provide power generation that is environmentally safe. Solar power is captured with the use of solar panels, and this captured energy is used to generate both electricity and heat for your home. Solar technology is available that can help supply most or even all the power that your home needs within any carbon emissions or harmful effects on the environment. There are some drawbacks concerning solar power generation though, even though this method is very environmentally safe. Solar energy is not available all the time, because there are times when the sun may be behind clouds or out of sight. Batteries are used to store any unused energy captured, so that it can be used at times when the rays of the sun are not available.

Wind power is another method of power generation that is very environmentally safe and friendly. Wind turbines are installed that can capture the energy of the wind, and this energy is then used to power your home. A wind turbine is a machine that looks somewhat like a propeller. When the wind blows, the propeller blades turn and generate energy, which is then either used or stored for a later time. Wind power has no harmful effects on the environment, and is one of the safest forms of power generation. Many wind turbines grouped together are called wind farms, and these can be located over land or over the ocean. Wind power has no harmful emissions and will not cause an increase in global warming.

Another method of environmentally safe power generation is ocean power, and this involves capturing and harnessing the energy from the tides and waves in the ocean. This technology is still being developed, and is not completely worked out yet, but these forms of power generation show enormous potential once technology catches up. Underwater turbines which are almost identical to wind turbines can be used to generate power which is not going to harm the earth or contribute to global warming. These turbines will turn due to the force of the water flow. Unfortunately, the design for equipment to help capture energy from the ocean is still being perfected, and this method of power generation may be environmentally safe but it is also very costly right now, so this method is not very cost efficient.

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