Petroleum pollution has become a serious problem, not just in America but across the entire world. A dependence on petroleum and oil means continued damage to the environment. Alternative renewable sources of energy are available that use no petroleum or other carbon based fossil fuels, and this means clean energy instead of petroleum pollution, and an energy source that is eco friendly instead of one that is devastating the environment and increasing global warming at an alarming rate. We only have one earth, and it is the responsibility of mankind to protect the earth and environment so that it stays clean for many years and generations to come. We owe this not just to the planet but to the generations that come after us. Petroleum pollution is destroying the environment, and leaving the earth damaged. As long as we continue to use petroleum and other fossil fuels for energy, this process will simply get worse and cause more damage. Petroleum pollution can not be escaped, but it can be reduced and eliminated if we are dedicated to truly changing our energy policies and stopping the damage before it can not be undone. Stopping petroleum pollution may mean some sacrifices at first, and include energy conservation efforts, but the effect will be well worth it resulting in a cleaner earth.

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One Response to “Why Is Petroleum Pollution Industry Impossible to Escape?”

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    Abdul Says:

    Moving away from fossil fuels has to be something we all want to do. Unfortunately not everyone is as concerned about the evironment as they should be.

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