For many around the globe, ecofriendly buildings are becoming more popular and in demand to lessen the environmental impact. Green building material includes environmentally friendly substitutes for almost every traditional material, and ecofriendly building material can greatly reduce the amount of resources needed and the harm done to the environment. These ecofriendly buildings also help save money and conserve energy at the same time. There are many buildings around the globe that are admired for their beauty and originality as well as the fact that they are green. One of these is located in London, at one Westminster Place, and is created from glass walls which are layered. This allows the spaces between the walls to buffer the temperatures. The heat during the warm months that gets trapped between the glass layers can be used to generate power for the building, and the structure is gorgeous, with a colorful shimmer created that reflects light in many hues. Another of the best known ecofriendly buildings is the Cactus Project in Qatar. This building is the new home of the Qatari Minister of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture, and it does resemble a large cactus. Solar sun panels will open or close depending on the temperature, and the green building material encloses a biodome that is filled with cacti and other native plants to the area. Ecofriendly building material can include glass, stone, alternative energy use, energy conservation methods, and others. Ecofriendly buildings around the globe can be simple or extravagant, but they all use materials which reduce the resources and energy needed and help protect the environment from damage or harm.

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