Construction has historically been a major contributor to non-environmentally friendly waste and pollution. Whether it is the wood used for the building, the toxic chemicals in the carpets or paints, our homes, offices and buildings have wreaked havoc on the environment.
Construction with eco-friendly building materials is becoming more popular as people try to lessen their impact on the earth and the environment. Green building material is available in many types and forms, and eco-friendly buildings are being seen much more often. This type of building is very important to the future because much of the resources around the world are being used up. With the increase in the significant amount of land that is being used by humans, as well as the general population explosion, we need to find alternative products to use. Staying earth friendly does not have to mean very limited choices either, because the amount and variety of green building material has resulted in exquisite eco-friendly buildings which are now becoming quite sought after.

Eco-friendly building materials includes products which do not harm the environment and use a minimum of energy to produce. Conventional drywall, which is very energy intensive, can be replaced with EcoRock which does not require nearly as much energy to produce. Using bamboo instead of wood is a terrific way to help reduce greenhouse gases without giving up quality. Bamboo is an excellent choice as it is a fast growing plant with many uses. Newspapers, material cloth fibers, or both can be used as insulation when blown into the walls of a home, eliminating the need for insulation which contains fiberglass or irritates the skin. Baled straw can be used as insulation as well. POLLI-brick is a new product which is made from recycled plastic and is shaped like traditional bricks. These can be used to build just about any structure needed.
In many states, the use of oil-based paints is now prohibited. Oil-based paints are not only caustic to the environment, but the solutions required to be used in the clean up process are also toxic. Many of the paint companies have recognized the public demand for products that are earth friendly are now producing eco-friendly paints in every color imaginable. There is typically very little if any cost differential and these companies and the paint products have moved to the top of the list in popularity.
Standard wood decking is now being replaced with an eco-friendly composite material. Typically these products have the appearance of wood, but are made with 95% recycled materials. They can be painted and stained and last many years longer than standard wood, even in the harshest of outdoor environments.
New industries are actually being started that specialize in recycled materials for building and upgrades.  When older buildings are torn down there may be beautifully designed gates, windows, statues, lighting fixtures, door knobs, doors and a variety of items that are of a classic design and perfectly reusable. Many companies have show floors that contain these items for purchase and can be easily added to new buildings.
Since the invention of the automobile, the tires that we use have been a challenge to get rid of. Companies are now chopping the tires into tiny pieces which can then be used in playgrounds, to line walkways and even on racetracks. The rubber is an oil-based product and will not biodegrade, but that is a plus factor when used for these new purposes. They stand up to rigorous use and outdoor weather.
If you are in the process of building a new structure, keep in mind that any and all extra materials can now be donated to a local Habitat for Humanity. Most of the building contractors are now taking all excess materials for donation and these are not only used to build new homes by the organization, but are also available for sale.

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    I love the idea of old jeans as insulation. I’ve read about this. But never seen. So warm & comfy sounding – and good for the planet.

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