In the world of the green footprint, the single main problem that we have created is our dependency on fossil fuel based products. Plastic is all around us. From the minute we get up in the morning and use a toothbrush to almost every aspect of our lives, we are surrounded by plastic produced from oil. It has taken a lot of yelling to bring corporations to the realization that they must seek renewable and sustainable alternatives. The general public needed to buy-into the green effort and now companies see that there are dollars to back the products. While bioplastics have been around for many years, not all offer the ability to biodegrade in any kind of an ecologically conscious manner. Research has continued and thus enter Oxo biodegradable plastic.

What makes Oxo biodegradable plastic different from other bioplastics? The techniques developed to create this new wonder product gives it the ability to use oxidization as the key for biodegrading. Whenever this plastic is exposed to oxygen or micro-organisms that produce oxygen, it reduces the time period to around one hundred and twenty days. The elements that make up the Oxo biodegradable plastics are tested for ecotoxicity; which means the natural products are completely recyclable and have no impact on the earth or soil.

Having lived in Southern California for many years, I was astounded to find out that some of the highest prices homes and communities have been built on landfills. I'm sure that the residents that paid incredibly ridiculous housing prices were just as surprised (if they even knew to begin with). One of the most shocking situations occurred during a rare long term rain situation. The news media began reporting problems in the homes of this well known and upscale community. It seems that the ground to water ratio became imbalanced and was causing the trash from the long buried land fills to rise up out of the ground. The picture that remains in my mind showed trash bags floating around a swimming pool.

For generations, my family has been recycling addicts. This was particularly true of my parent's generation that lived through the depression and the various wars that required the reuse of all metals. Recycling is a lifestyle and not that difficult to accommodate. No matter how much we recycle and reuse, there are always some plastic bags that we need. Although my goal is none, we have reduced our standard trash pick up to two large size kitchen trash bags per week. The Oxo biodegradable kitchen bags have given us the ability to know that the plastic and some of the trash contents will disappear in less than three months. What makes us feel even better is knowing that the material makeup of these bags will actually assist in a natural fertilization process.

There is no doubt that the Oxo biodegradable plastics have come of age. They seem to answer all of the cons of past bioplastic issues. The product cost is low, they have a better biodegradable rate, they can be used in many facets of our lives to replace oil based plastics.

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