Using alternative renewable energy sources which do not rely on fossil fuels means making the earth a better place. Bioconversion technology makes it possible to have the energy you need without putting a strain on the earth with high carbon emissions and pollution, or relying on foreign countries for fossil fuel supplies. The future of America and the world depend on using new energy sources, and waste food bioconversion is one that is renewable and sustainable. There will always be waste food and municipal waste, and using bioconversion technology keeps the landfills from becoming full, while getting rid of garbage and providing an eco-friendly energy source. There are many products that are possible using waste food and the available bioconversion technology. Biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas, electricity, heat, and more are possible from waste food.

Bioconversion Technology
Getting rid of food waste has been a problem since the dawn of mankind and has been a major cause of pollution. How can bioconversion of food waste to biomass create an alternative energy source? Will this bioconversion be an answer to our dependency on fossil fuels?

Bioconversion of food waste for energy production is a process that can produce a significant amount of power. This is energy that does not come from foreign oil or other fossil fuel sources, and it is a much cleaner source of energy than many other energy sources. Food waste is discarded in large amounts all across the US, and the world, and bioconversion technology has the ability to turn this food waste into significant amounts of energy that can be used to power homes and vehicles. Food waste is biomass, and can be used in the biomass fermentation process to produce energy. Food waste can also be used in the biodiesel process. With all of the food waste that is thrown away, the bioconversion process would allow this waste to be reused instead, and become a source of energy for electricity, and fuel for your car.

The biodiesel process can use bioconversion technology to turn food waste into biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel fuel burns cleaner, has far fewer emissions, and does not pollute like some other fuels do. Biodiesel is also much safer, both for the earth and the people and animals on it. The biodiesel process offers an increase in local jobs, and more taxes going into the local governments. Because waste food does not need to be transported far away to undergo the bioconversion process, transportation costs are decreased, and all the pollution that usually accompanies transporting things long distances. Biomass fermentation can be done locally, using waste food and producing energy in the local community. This means less waste to fill the landfill, and a renewable and sustainable alternative energy source which is part of the municipal waste stream.

Biomass fermentation can produce bioethanol as well. Bioethanol is a biofuel that can be used in place of gasoline. The fermentation process converts sugars in the biomass into biomass ethanol, which can be used in vehicles as a biomass fuel. Waste food that gets thrown away in the country, and around the world, is full of sugars and oils and fats which are perfect for creating biofuels. Many restaurants throw out thousands of gallons of used cooking oil and frying fat every single day, and this represents a large amount of biodiesel fuel that could be created using the waste food and bioconversion technology. In addition, households represent sixty percent of all the waste food thrown out, and this equates to tons of table scraps and discarded food which could be used to heat your home, power your light and appliances, and fuel your vehicle as well. Bioconversion technology makes it possible for food to leave your home as garbage and come back as electricity or another energy form.

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