Secondary look at hydroelectric power plants as a serious method for energy. Positives may outweigh the negatives, but cost is a key consideration.

Tidal Wave Energy
The generation of tidal wave energy is an entirely clean process. It does not involve the use of any greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. Some generators of tidal wave power work in a similar way to wind energy generators, and they are called tidal turbines. The generators of tidal wave power are placed off shore into a tidal stream, using a tidal turbine for tidal power generation. The water flow makes the turbine move, which generates energy. Tidal power generation has huge potential and it really is the future of alternative energy, which is just waiting to be tapped into.

Other ways of generating tidal wave energy exist as well. One of them is called tidal barrages. First, the tide has to reach the shore, where it flows through a one-way gate into a reservoir. Then the water is stored until the tide becomes low again, after which it is released back into the sea though turbines. The turbine rotation is what generates electricity, and is very similar to the way power is generated at hydroelectric power plants.

However, tidal power generation does come with its problems, and of course there are negatives that come with it. The first problem is with generating energy continuously. Secondly, even if such a project is implemented, it would be extremely costly to plan and build an entire plant for tidal power generation. This project could also take over a decade to complete. What this entails is a large monetary investment, which will see a return only after 10 years, or maybe even longer.

On the other hand, although tidal barrages require high capital start up funds, the cost of running them once they are built is very low. Although the tidal power generation system will probably not provide returns for a long time, once it does start to pay off, it will most likely continue to bring profits indefinitely. If you invest into sources of alternative energy like tidal wave energy, it will help you make money from reducing pollution and conserving the earth’s resources for future generations.

It’s important to understand that before investing into any alternative energy source, you should do the necessary research and understand how the technology used actually works. This can assist you choosing high quality solid investments. Of course, this by no means guarantees your investments in tidal wave power, but in general the odds are in your favor, since all sources of alternative energy will be used more and more in the future. If you invest in tidal power generation, future returns could be fantastic.

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16 Responses to “Tidal Wave Energy Generators – Updated Article With New Information”

  1. 1
    mike Says:

    Not true! It is planned to build a ocean thermal energy plant in Hawaii in the next few year. They will place a heat engine between water pumped from the deep (cold) and water collected at the surface (warm).

  2. 2
    jim Says:

    Ocean thermal energy power plants are currently prohibitively expensive to design, plan, and build.

  3. 3
    jake Says:

    What about ocen thermal energy? The oceans are by far the Earth’s biggest solar collectors, which store energy in the form of heat. This heat creates temperature differences between water layers and these thermal gradients can be harnessed by ocean thermal energy conversion and electricity can be produced.

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    Jodi Stenner Says:

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    Bennett Biggard Says:

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  12. 12
    Obama Says:

    i am for tidal wave energy

  13. 13
    Nancy Simone Says:

    there are more advanced , new types of tidal and ocean turbines coming out all the time : look it up . so it will get better and could become a key energy source for east coast U.S. states and other coastal regions of the world

  14. 14
    Arleigh Crisman Says:

    I appreciate the article.I had never heard of tidal energy being used, and had actually come up my own idea thing it was a frst. Thanks,
    As a comment to the environmentalist. animals are prone to be suicidal from time to time . Having spent much of my life among them . It is no secrit that whales beach them selves,birds fly deliberately between moving cars,squrils run in front of cars,and in front of cats and dogs and owls and any potential danger. monkies taunt the loins,just the same as people test their mortality,driving, drugs, bungee jumping,the list is endless. Animals know their environment. just because you might visit that invironment and be disorented, doesn’t mean the animals that live there are like you. Noises in the water cary for a long way and as with birds and all other creatures they test their skill against every thing . Animals are acustomed to things that have no predictable pattern,other animals they test against.
    wind mills and water mills have a very predictable pattern, and to a creature in that invironment it is child play.I had spent considerable time in a marina under water,doing repairs and finding and recovering lost equipment.Let me shair this last tidbit .
    Long ago people were trying ti truck fish across country live,but the problem was they would die in transit. Then finally one laod had a baracuda in with the rest of the load and guess what, yes they almost all servived. the threat of death gave them a reason to live,it kept their mind occupied with servival.Every living thing can get board,and even give up. don’t blame man’s machinery. ever exceed the speed limit ?

  15. 15
    Jalyssaa Hearn Says:

    Hey I was wondering how do you build a generator for tidal power

  16. 16
    watersportslover Says:

    What do these tidal generators do for the ecology of the area? Are they harmful to the ocean life and the environment? That is the one thing you do not cover in this interesting article and it should be mentioned when people are considering investing in this alternative energy source.

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