Sea wave energy can be captured, and there are many wave energy advantages that make this alternative energy source better than many other types. A wave energy generator is a device or piece of equipment used to convert the motion of the waves into electricity. This device is placed strategically, depending on the specific device used, and it will move with the wave motion, going up and down in the ocean. Sea wave energy can be harnessed near the shore, or miles off the coast and in the open ocean. With the potential that the oceans of the world offer, this source of power could be the only one needed in the future to replace fossil fuels like coal and oil for generating electricity. To harness sea wave energy you will need special equipment designed and built for this specific purpose. This will include a wave energy generator and other components. The wave energy advantages make it a leader when it comes to alternative energy sources, and some of the conversion devices have been shown to be very effective. Commercial wave power plants have even been constructed and are in operation around the world, showing that this source is one that is an option which needs to be considered. Sea wave energy could be the solution that ends the dependence on foreign oil and high energy costs, but more investment and funding has to be put into this technology and sector for it to reach full potential. New projects are costly, and this requires large initial investments.

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