Investing in alternative energy sources like tidal power generation can help you make a profit off of helping prevent pollution and preserve the earth for future generations. Make sure before you invest in anything though that you understand the technology used and do all the research possible. This will help you find solid investments that are high quality. This does not mean these investments in tidal power energy are guaranteed, but all alternative energy sources will become more commonly used. With investments in the right tidal energy companies, you could get really good returns.

Tidal Wave Energy
History of tidal wave energy. Tidal wave turbines as an alternative and renewable source of energy. Cost and viability of tidal wave energy generators as a leading method for energy.

Tidal wave energy is an alternative energy source that has been in use for centuries. Since before 800 A.D. tidal mills were used by people to grind grain, and this was the first use of tidal energy for power. Tidal power generation is a clean process. There is no pollution or greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Some tidal wave energy generators, also called tidal turbines, work on a similar concept to wind energy. Underwater tidal wave energy generators off shore are placed in a tidal stream, and use a tidal turbine to generate energy. The flow of the water moves the turbine, and energy is created by the generator. Tidal power holds an enormous energy potential just waiting to be tapped. There are other ways to create tidal power energy as well. When the tides reach the shore, they are trapped behind man made dams in reservoirs, similar to tidal pools on the beach. Once the level of the water has gone down, the tides which are trapped are released and let out. This creates energy with the same method used at hydroelectric power plants.

This does not mean that ocean tidal energy does not have any negatives. Because the tides in the ocean flow according to the moon and earth's gravitational pull, this does not allow for continuous power. The tides flow in every twelve hours, and then after six hours the tides flow back out to sea. Ocean tidal energy can be very effective, as long as there are large tidal increases, such as a sixteen feet or more difference minimum between the low tide level and the high tide level. This limits the locations that tidal power generation plants can be placed around the globe. France has a tidal energy generation plant which has been operating for more than forty years, and generates enough tidal power energy to power almost a quarter of a million homes each year. One of the biggest drawbacks of tidal power generation is the cost to plan and build a new tidal power generation plant. This is a very expensive project, one that may take a decade or more to complete. This means an enormous investment when there will be no returns for at least ten years, usually longer. The high expense is the biggest obstacle to building more tidal power generation plants.

Tidal wave energy has both advantages and disadvantages. Tidal power generation plants have been used for more than forty years in some places, and can be quite effective. But due to high project costs and limited locations which are suitable, it is doubtful that this alternative energy source would supply energy for the entire world in the future. This does not mean that ocean tidal energy has no part in the future of energy though. As we move away from fossil fuel and oil dependence, there will be a matrix of alternative energy sources that are used to supply the energy needed by America, and the world. This matrix will contain a number of different green alternative energy sources, including tidal power, solar power, wind power, OTEC power, and others.

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