The most polluted cities worldwide may involve different types of environmental pollution, some involving greenhouse gases and air pollution, while others may involve contaminated water or land. One of the most polluted cities worldwide is Chernobyl in the Ukraine, the site of the serious nuclear reactor melt down which poisoned the land, water, air, and the population of people and animals for miles around. Even decades after the reactor accident, this city is still so polluted it is considered dangerous to health and life by many experts. The country of China has many pollution issues, and some of the worst polluted places in the world are located in this country. One of these is Linfen, in the Shanxi Province of China, and another is Zhuzhou, in the Hunan Province.

Many types of environmental pollution are present in a number of the most polluted cities in the world. Dzerzinsk, in Russia, is one of these. In some of the worst places in the world, greenhouse gases are added to other pollution types as well. Kabwe, in Zambia, also made the list of the most polluted cities worldwide, and so did La Oroya in Peru and Haina in the Dominican Republic. In a number of the cities which are listed as some of the worst, the population is very low income and the region is considered undeveloped or third world. Much of the population has no choice but to live with the pollution, and may not have access to good water, clean air, or proper medical attention.

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