If an earthquake happens while you’re driving, it may be tempting to get under the car to avoid being hit with falling objects. This will work to some extent, but the logic here omits one important possibility – the vehicle itself could cave in on you. What you should do instead is try to park in an open area and remain in the car with the parking brake on.

The 7 Big Mistakes People Making During an Earthquake
People who live in earthquake-prone areas are often instructed on what they should do when an earthquake hits. However, when they are actually caught in an earthquake, what NOT to do seems like it has never been taught to them. Here are the 7 main mistakes people make during an earthquake:

1. Running for the Door
This idea comes from the notion that the doorway is a structurally sound location, so it is the least likely to collapse. This may be partially true for older buildings, but modern doorway construction is quite different, so the doorways in these buildings will not be stronger than any other part. If you stand in the doorway, you are risking collision with other objects, which may come flying at you unexpectedly.

2. Holding Your Pet

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