4 - Forget the motor, we’re going back to the horse and cart!
Forget about your car. If you live in the US, then there’s going to be so much ash, that it will clog everything up and you’ve probably got your last speeding ticket for a while. Forget flying – we all saw what happened after the pip squeak (in comparison) Icelandic volcano took off. Prepare to buy a horse, get on your bike, or stay where you are.

5 – Learn some real DIY!
Learn how to do stuff yourself! Let’s face it, we have little idea how most of the convenient things we use every day works. If the resulting years of winter coming after the volcano knocks civilization sideways, will you be able to fend for yourself? Will you know how to grow your own food? Do you know which plant groups will mostly likely survive the wintery conditions and give you something to eat? Do you know how to preserve meat by salting it? Me neither, but it’s the people who do who are most likely to survive the post Yellowstone years of turmoil.

As I bring this article to a close, I would like to give you the good news. You know what I said about how most sources on the Internet state that the volcano goes off every 600,000 years, and it is now 640,000 years since it last blew? Well, I am happy to report that this is not quite true, and is just sensationalism to get you unnecessarily worried. In actual fact, between the last eruption and the one before that 650,000 years passed, and between the two eruptions preceding that 800,000 years passed. The happy conclusion is that, whilst Yellowstone is going to blow its top some day, it might be tomorrow, or it might not be for another 200,000 or more years! Praise be to geological time!

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