Pros and Cons of Methanol Fuel

Nov 19

Methanol may have some cons along with the pros that this alternative fuel presents, but it is can be part of the answer for energy needs in the future. Alternative renewable energy sources must be found and used, and methanol fuel is one of the energy sources. Global warming is a serious problem that is only going to get worse over time if we all don't stand up and say enough. This includes using alternative fuels, including methanol, ethanol, solar, wind, wave, and geothermal energy. The future of energy on earth may not rest with one simple source, but may instead be a combination of effective methods that could very well include methanol. Methanol offers many benefits, including the fact that this fuel is not anywhere near as flammable or explosive as gasoline is. Research i s being done to lower the cost of methanol production, which may can be expensive until better technology catches up. Methanol combustion does release a large quantity of formaldehyde in the emissions, and this can pose a problem in some circumstances. Care must be taken with methanol so that land and ground water are not polluted by this fuel.

Methanol fuel has both advantages and disadvantages. Both of these should be weighed carefully before any decision concerning methanol or ethanol should be made. Ethanol is more environmentally friendly and can be produced cheaper and with fewer carbon emissions than methanol. It is for this reason that most American cars can use ethanol fuel but not methanol fuel. Methanol is better than traditional gasoline when it comes to emissions and global warming, but there are other alternatives that are better than methanol until technology catches up, and methanol can be created cheaply with no carbon release.

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