Is cellulosic ethanol better than other types of automotive alternative fuels? Recent studies conducted by scientists have determined that cellulose ethanol is better than the corn variety because it has fewer particulates and does not release as many greenhouse gases as the corn version of this fuel. There is also no problem or conflicts with the global food supply because cellulosic ethanol is made from plants that are not used for food in any way. With other types of this biofuel, corn and other materials are used that are also used in the food supply, and this can create a conflict between food and fuel. Some critics have condemned the first generation of ethanol because of the fact that it takes from the food supply and can lead to food shortages, increased prices and hunger in third world countries. Cellulosic ethanol is better for the environment and the global population and it silences critics because this is one of the automotive alternative fuels that have no effect at all on the food supply. Cellulose ethanol is also less polluting and harmful to the environment when compared to corn ethanol, making it a better choice for many reasons. Clean burning fuel sources will be the future and cellulosic ethanol provides this without disrupting other factors or having big disadvantages. The biomass used for this latest generation of ethanol is not used for other purposes that benefit the population and they can be grown or cultivated quickly. This is a fuel source that is renewable and sustainable and may be the answer to the fuel for tomorrow.

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