Biomass renewable energy will play a large part in the future of energy. Biomass gasification technologies have come a long way, and further research will do more to advance the technologies used even more. Biomass renewable energy is friendly to the environment because it is a cleaner burning fuel that does not depend on fossil fuels. Oil is limited, and biomass alternative energy is a way to stop using oil and use domestic energy sources instead. The feedstocks used will determine which biomass gasification technologies are the most efficient and effective. Biomass may be the answer which prevents a future energy shortage, not just here but across the globe.

Biomass Renewable Energy
The gasification of biomass can provide an enormous amount of energy that has many benefits. Biomass gasification technologies have become significantly more advanced, making these processes much more efficient and eco-friendly. Biomass renewable energy will play a big part in the future of domestic energy production. We have become too dependent on oil, and much of the oil reserves left in the world are located in areas with high political strife and unstable economies. We can not afford to allow foreign policies and leaders control the energy needed and used by the US. This means a domestic energy program which generates the energy needed using alternative sources, ones that minimize pollution and maximize efficiency.

Biomass gasification technologies for different feedstocks will depend on the specific feedstock type. Municipal waste and waste food can be put into special landfills, constructed to encourage the creation of greenhouse gases emitted from decomposing biomass, and these gases are then siphoned off. Without the gasification process and the collection of the gas produced by the landfill, the gas would be released into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. Animal waste such as manure and dead carcasses can also be used in the biomass gasification process. These sources, just like waste food and other sources of biomass, can produce methane gas using biomass gasification technologies. All biomass decomposes, because it originates with a living organism. During the decomposition process, gases like methane are released from any type of biomass. Advancements in biomass gasification technologies allow the biogas to be collected, and even created more abundantly. This allows almost any biomass energy feedstock to be used in the gasification of biomass to produce greenhouse gas that is captured and used as an energy source.

There are several different types of biomass gasification technologies. Biomass gasifiers can be classified as fixed bed downdraft, fixed bed updraft, bubbling fluidized bed, and circulating fluidized bed. Fixed bed downdraft biomass gasification technologies cause the gases to flow down the reactor, and this gasification process has the ability to burn off more than ninety nine percent of the tars that form during the process. Biomass with a low moisture content is put into the top of the reactor along with air or oxygen, and they are ignited. Pyrolysis and gasification occur, and debris is deposited through a metal grate at the bottom. Fixed bed updraft biomass gasification technologies follow the same concept, except that the gases flow upward from the bottom, and the biomass and oxygen are added from the bottom. The other two types of biomass gasification technologies use fluidized beds, either bubbling or circulating. The difference in the gasification process is on whether the gas bubbles through the medium used or if the medium circulates through the air as well as the gas.

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