When it comes to heating your home, there are many choices available. Some methods and appliances, such as pellet corn furnaces, can use alternative renewable biomass fuels instead of the traditional fossil fuels. Purchasing and installing a corn burning furnace or a wood pellet furnace can help eliminate a lot of air pollution and protect the environment while keeping your home warm at the same time. Pellet corn furnaces use biomass to generate heat, and many models can be used for both corn and wood pellets, making them very flexible and convenient. When it comes to biomass choices and appliance types, which furnace is better though, a wood pellet type or a corn burning furnace? The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors. If you live in the midwest and are considering pellet corn furnaces, using a corn burning furnace may cost less because scrap corn which can not be used for feed is generally cheaper in this area than wood pellets are. If you live in areas where there is a lot of timber, logging, and sawmills then a wood pellet furnace may be a better option, because in these locations wood pellets may be much less expensive than corn. Choosing pellet corn furnaces which are versatile and can be used for both biomass types, as well as others, is usually the best choice. This allows you to choose the biomass which is the least expensive at the current time, so you can keep your heating costs down while staying green.

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    Alex Says:

    I have a Englander 25 PAF wood pellet furnace. I have access to livestock feed pellets that are 60% cracked corn and the rest is filler but the do burn. I thought about mixing them in at about 25% rate with the wood pellets. Any thoughts

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