Woody biomass utilization has another benefit as well. While these crops are growing, they act as a carbon sink, pulling carbon and pollution out of the air and replacing it with pure oxygen. This has a twofold benefit, because the growing woody biomass crops remove pollution, and then when these crops are converted into energy they are clean burning and do not contribute any greenhouse gases to the environment. Wood biomass utilization means a cleaner earth, and a clean energy source that is both renewable and sustainable. Woody biomass and ethanol biomass may be the answers needed for the global energy and pollution problems. Some investors recognize the role that woody biomass utilization will play in the future of energy, and these investors put their investment capital into green investments, and biomass companies that show the highest potential. Many investors stay away from alternative sources of energy because they consider these investments risky, but these fuels will be the wave of the future, and an investment in clean alternative energy sources offers unlimited opportunities for profitable investing.

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