Solar energy as a renewable power source entered with a bang, but seems to have taken a long time to really progress. This is probably based on a number of factors, but the high price and lowered residential and commercial tax incentives are the main reasons. Another factor is that the concept of solar thermal energy demonstrates the most success in limited areas: the parts of the world that receive the highest solar exposure.
As prices for solar equipment continue to slide, more affordable solar energy is now a reality. With that reality comes the exploitation of using this energy on a large scale to power entire communities and even cities. As technology continues to evolve, there are continued plans for a major solar thermal power plant to be built in southern California. California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger initially instituted the concept that he wanted to see utility companies provide one-third of their output via solar power by 2020. This may be good news for people investing in solar energy stocks, but is the hefty goal safe for the environment?

Yes, solar energy in and of itself is green because it comes from a renewable source and does not emit any greenhouse gases, but are the plants themselves harmful to the surrounding environment? Many people who live in the area say that the massive solar thermal energy plant is going to destroy much of the natural habitat and affect the water supply, among other problems. So before you go investing all your money into solar energy stocks, be advised that these solar energy plants may not be as green as they appear.  Also be advised that the State of California does not allow or approve anything that will cause harm to their environment. This state has been the leader in pollution and environmental awareness, long before most other states even thought about stopping the industrial toxins spewing from their plants.
There are around 354 megawatt solar energy plants all around the world. The most progressive country appears to be Spain, with the U.S. coming in second. Both Arizona and California, two of the biggest sun states, have numerous solar energy power plants.
Some believe that the politicians pushing these solar power agendas are being short sighted and not looking at the big picture. Affordable solar energy for the masses to enjoy is the goal, but only time will tell if it is at the expense of the environment.

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One Response to “Is Solar Thermal Energy the Greenest Power Plant?”

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    Saraisfattt Says:

    We can build it in an area that will NOT affect the environment

    its still better than anything we have now

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