Although this small country in Africa is not a well-known one, it is definitely among those countries going green. One of Mauritius’ goals is to focus on reusing and recycling. Also, instead of dumping or storing solid waste, it will now be burned. In addition, there is a lot of emphasis on wind energy and creating fuel from sugar cane plants. It all comes down to government policy and the will of the voters, and in this little corner of the world, green comes before big business and unrestrained pollution.

3) Cuba
Cuba has always been a relatively environmentally-friendly country. A lot of its residents earn money through raising livestock and selling crops. The only problem Cuba has had was the use of illegal pesticides, but the government has recently put forth a lot of effort to solve this problem. Another one of Cuba’s efforts to go green is its implementation of organic products only on all farms. In addition, in recent years, Cuba has put a lot of money into hydroelectricity.

4) China

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