10. Use hybrid and plug in electrical vehicles. These vehicles use much less energy to meet your transportation needs, so that you conserve energy and use cleaner energy sources at the same time. Traditional vehicles cause large amounts of pollution and consume substantial amounts of energy. Switching what you drive can make a big difference in your energy consumption.

Energy Conservation Ideas
Ten energy conservation concepts that could be adapted from personal, business and government levels. When combined, the cumulative effect could be greater than the individual parts.

  • Different energy conservation ideas can help you to save and preserve energy

  • The energy conservation industry offers many tips to help you find ways to conserve energy

  • There are many energy conservation techniques that can help make the world a better place

Energy Conservation Systems
1. One of the best energy conservation ideas being discussed is a carbon tax, even though many businesses are against this. When carbon and pollution occur, they affect everyone in the world. If it was more expensive to use harmful fossil fuel sources and pollute then businesses would switch to alternative energy sources that cost less. A carbon tax would be a big step towards an end to dependence on oil and other fossil fuels.
Energy Conservation Products
2. One of the most effective energy conservation techniques is to use local products and services whenever possible. Transportation is a major contributor to pollution and environmental harm. Buying locally minimizes the distance that your products must be shipped, so less fuel is used and less environmental damage is done. This will conserve a significant amount of energy and help lower costs as well, because there are fewer shipping charges.
Energy Conservation Industry
3. The energy conservation industry offers tips on how to conserve energy, and one of these is to eliminate the sale and use of incandescent light bulbs. If you switch your bulbs to the fluorescent variety, for every bulb you change you will save approximately one hundred pounds of coal and conserve quite a bit of energy. Many countries have either already banned this type of bulb or they have guidelines in place to ban them by a specific date.
Energy Conservation Buildings
4. Build close communities where choosing transportation methods other than a personal vehicle is an option. There are some communities which are planned and developed to be green and eco-friendly. These places have plenty of public transportation, and they are friendly to bikers and walkers as well. Things like bike paths, sidewalks, and businesses placed conveniently can all help cut down and even eliminate streets packed full of cars and trucks all polluting the air and the earth.
Energy Conservation Programs
5. Plant things. This may seem too simple to address the problem, but planting trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants is one of the best energy conservation ideas discussed. Trees and plants act as a natural air filter, cleaning carbon out of the air and sequestering it in the ground and plants. This can help slow down global warming and make the air and earth better for everyone. The wood from mature trees can be used as a source of energy, and as long as the trees are frequently replaced this energy source is renewable and eco-friendly.
Residential Energy Conservation
6. Energy conservation ideas include creating subsidies from the governments around the world for renewable alternative energy sources which are environmentally friendly and efficient. This step also includes ending subsidies for the oil and other fossil fuel companies and projects. Making fossil fuels more expensive will lower and eventually eliminate our dependence on them, and encourage energy conservation.
Energy Conservation Equipment
7. One of the most promising energy conservation techniques is the use of smart power grids. This grid will allow and even encourage energy received from a number of different sources, including alternative energy sources. This will allow many locations where solar, wind, and other power can be stored until needed, and then transferred to where the demand for the power is.
Office Energy Conservation
8. Offer tax credits for individuals and business owners who install and use alternative energy source products or equipment. If there were more tax credits available, more people would probably install wind turbines and solar panels, because the tax credit helps to offset the costs of purchasing and installing this equipment.
New Energy Conservation
9. Use municipal solid waste to energy programs, to help conserve energy and fossil fuels while eliminating the waste that has been discarded at the same time. These technologies are highly efficient, and can create heat and electricity which is clean and does not pollute the way fossil fuels do.
Electric Energy Conservation

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