If you want to go green and save money at the same time, the hybrid car tax credit can help you do this. The advantages of hybrid cars make then an eco friendly option when it comes to transportation, and the hybrid car tax rebate means you can help the environment and your finances at the same time. The amount of the hybrid car tax credit that you receive can vary, depending on the specific make and model that you purchase as well as how many other vehicles of the same make and model have been sold. After sixty thousand of a specific vehicle have been sold the tax begins to be phased out. There are already 2010 models on the list of vehicles that are eligible, and there is a wide variety of makes and models that are eligible for this tax credit.

Hybrid Car Tax Credit
The hybrid tax credit is intended to encourage American consumers to choose hybrids instead of traditional fuel cars and trucks. The advantages of hybrid cars make them a good choice to replace traditional models, and it is hoped that the hybrid car tax rebate will make consumers like yourself choose vehicles which are more efficient and environmentally friendly. Another benefit of hybrids is that they lower the dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil. Plug in options in the year 2009 are worth more than seven thousand dollars to the first two hundred and fifty thousand buyers, and this is a big financial benefit for going green and doing the right thing.

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